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Level 7

Drill down in wait time charts is not working properly

I could not understand the drill-down of DPA .

In many cases I see wait time chart with a specific value ( e.g : 4000 ) but when I click on the chart the new chart is not match with .

This is one example :


( Total wait time is near 4000 seconds )

When I clicked on green bar , I saw the following chart :


If you add all the wait times of all bars in the second chart it does not match with first one ( 4000 Seconds ).

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Level 14

Yeah, I get what you are talking about. The primary reason is that you are not looking at the same dimension.

When you clicked on that specific database, it auto flips you back to top SQL Statements for that database (notice the database you clicked on should have gotten added to your breadcrumbs).

To see the waits broken out by type for the database, you can click on the database tab and those should add up to your 4000.

The idea for the navigation that you are observing is to get you to the answer fast. In other words, you know you have a lot of waits for database X. Now when you click on it, we take you to SQL so that you can better understand what the primary drivers are for those waits.

If this isn't clear, I'd recommend reaching out to support and they can help a bit more with navigation and how to read the tea leaves. There are also some virtual classroom and other resources out on SolarWinds Success Center. Have you checked that out yet?

Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

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I think something should be wrong, because I have more than 200 databases on this server and that drill-down is working for most of them well.

But for some of them as I described in my first post, it does not work properly  .

First chart says : total wait time for specific database between 9-10 am is about 4000 seconds,
when I click on the chart, it shows me the SQLs and their wait time in the same period and for that specific database.
Now if you add all the wait time , the sum is not equal to 4000.

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We show the top 50 SQL statements by default, so there are likely many included in the long tail of waits that won't show.

The thought is to focus on the most impactful statements to your end users.

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