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Level 12

Database Performer Analyzer - setting Resource values with API's

I would like to set a Custom Alarm Threshold value for SQL Disk Read Latency and SQL Disk Write Latency under Disk Resources



Easy enough to do with a single database 🙂
The issue is I have several hundred databases to set. (This would be very time consuming)
Can this be done using the API?




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Level 17


At this time, you cannot use the API for this task. Your best option would be to contact support and ask for help in writing a custom script to update the DPA repository directly. HTH

Level 12

I suggest you also put in a Feature Request to have the functionality added to DPA.

If enough people vote on it, it may, eventually, possibly even in your lifetime 😉, be added to the product.


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Last I saw the DPA api only really supports a narrow set of commands, mostly relating to admin stuff like adding new instances and deleting old ones. Traditionally I have seen people just going directly to the database of dpa to do bulk work. Considering that many DPA user are DBA's and that is their natural playground.
- Marc Netterfield, Github