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Database Performance Analyzer 9.2 RC is Available!

Database Performance Analyzer 9.2 RC is available.  Check your customer portal for the bits!

I'm excited to announce this release.  This release is sort of a kumbaya release... Haha.. Seriously, it is.  Because it brings two crowds together; the users of Server & Application Monitor like Sysadmins who have broad lights-on responsibilities, and the users of Database Performance Analyzer like DBAs and Developers tasked with implementing lightning fast systems to support business operations.  As many of you know, Server & Application Monitor is great at showing you system up-time and resource strain caused by workloads.  As many of you also know, Database Performance Analyzer is great at breaking down database workload into who, what, when and where your resources are being used (or abused).  Integrating SAM & DPA enables users of both systems to share value, resulting in a health and performance powerhouse that is greater than the sum of it's parts.  This integration is not simply connecting two products in the same interface.  When you integrate SAM and DPA, you get features that you don't get when you have SAM and DPA without integrating them.  We expect you will find this useful if you've entered into the world of DevOps where development and operations teams are expected to collaborate to troubleshoot production systems in real time.  With DPA 9.2 and SAM 6.2.1 integrated, both teams get a single pane of glass!

Value to Server & Application Monitor users

  • Integration wizard connects Database Performance Analyzer 2 (DPA) to Server & Application Monitor (SAM) in 4 easy steps
  • Databases tab displays a health and performance dashboard for databases on premise and in the cloud
  • Advisors resource provides expert tuning advice about how to improve query performance that impacts applications
  • Applications Using My Databases resource correlates application and database health
  • Query Response Time resource identifies database wait time bottlenecks causing slow application performance
  • Database Response Time resource provides multidimensional database performance analysis
  • Blockers resource identifies blocked queries that significantly impact application performance
Value to Database Performance Analyzer users
  • Dashboard views for NOC teams.
  • Publish response time analysis data to application monitors used by development and support teams.
  • Web based access to the Windows Task Manager of database servers.
  • Web based access to the Windows Event Log of database servers.
  • Hardware health for database servers
  • SQL Server Agent job status
  • Fragmented Indexes
  • Data file capacity
Example Use Cases
  • Use DPA with AppInsight for SQL to monitor health and performance of your databases
  • Use DPA with AppInsight for IIS to monitor web and database performance side by side


For more info on DPA 9.2, see the previous blog posts here