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Daily Custom Alert - When will it run?

I made a custom alert with the interval set to once per day, but I don't see anywhere I can specify as to WHEN once a day it's going to run?

I found online documentation and a video but the UI doesn't look like anything I'm seeing so I'm wondering if the video is out of date.


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Level 11

This is currently a feature request for the DPA product. However, there is a way to "schedule" the alert to run at a specific time of day through the backend. To do this, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Find the alert id (first column below) using this query against the repository database. This query will return a row for every monitored instance the alert is tied to and the alertid value should be the same for all rows.

SELECT as alertid, a.alertname, db.lastrun

FROM ignite.con_alert a

JOIN ignite.con_alert_db db ON db.alertid =

WHERE a.alertname = '<name of your alert>';

Step 2: Update the lastrun value for the alert on each monitored instance. The example below tricks the alert engine into thinking the alert last ran at 1 am this morning so that it will run again at 1 am tomorrow.

UPDATE ignite.con_alert_db

SET lastrun = '08/29/2018 01:00'

WHERE alertid = <alertid>;

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Oh, and by the way, vote up this feature on Thwack:

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Thank you for the information. I don't have access to the backend repos so I won't be able to hack-in the lastrun value.

I up voted the feature but I also noted that it was created 4 years ago! Gives me little hope that it will ever get done if it hasn't been done by now.

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