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DPA integration with multiple Orion instances?

Can a single DPA instance integrate with multiple Orion instances? I know you can have multiple DPA instances integrate to a single Orion instance.

Our scenario is that when we started using Solarwinds a single Orion instance couldn't support our whole environment so we broke out our databases and certain other servers into a separate SAM instance with the DPA server integrated to that instance. We have web, app and other nodes on a different instance. A few years later Orion can handle many times the amount of nodes it previously could so we'd like to merge the Database nodes into the SAM instance with everything else but to make sure we don't interrupt monitoring or have an issue with a big bang rollover we are looking at rolling them over in batches so there will be databases on both instances for a few weeks. We'd like to have the DPA instance feed both SAM instances while the rollover is occuring so we don't lose DPA integration on the ones being moved early in the migration.

Is this possible?



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Yes this should work and we do it all the time here in our QA and Dev environments.

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