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DPA and Amazon Aurora

Has anyone put DPA up in the Amazon cloud to monitor Amazon Aurora (similar to MySQL v.5.6)?

  • How did you monitor both the Writer and Reader?
  • Are you able to monitor any of the AWS CloudWatch metrics?
  • Did you have to create a DPA in each Region & VPC?  (we are in multiple Regions and multiple VPCs.  Security won't let me put anything up that crosses VPCs.
  • Also, we have a few RDS MySQL, AWS SQL Server, and 2 PostgreSQL DB Instances.  Except for the PostgreSQL, all can also be monitored.

Looking for some help to configure and monitor AWS Aurora DB Instances.



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Product Manager
Product Manager

Eric - curious if you moved forward with monitoring with DPA in AWS?

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Yes, we have DPA pointed to a few DB Instances in AWS.  But only the Writer instance.  There is a help page here for how to look at the Reader, but I could not get it to work as I expected.  At the moment I only have Aurora (MySQL) DB Instances under monitoring.   As we free up some licenses from our on-premise system, I'll be monitoring some SQL Server instances in AWS.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Good to hear you are able to monitor in AWS.  Can you point me at that document page for the Reader you are looking at?

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I could not find it, I asked our SolarWinds rep for help.  He found this, but I'm not sure it is what we are looking for.

I would like to have both Writer and Reader on DPA.   Our application runs queries against both, granted only SELECTs on the Reader, but that is good as it takes that load off the Writer.

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