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DPA Supporting ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly with AGs

We found it quite disappointing that DPA does not support the monitoring of secondary replicas that are set for "read-intent only".  The ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly property is not supported.  Since we leverage these 3.5 year old technologies heavily, we have had to come up with our own solutions, not what you want to do when you have paid for a product.


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Level 12

Thanks for reaching out to us dkoth‌.  I encourage you to vote for the following feature requests.  We use feature request votes to determine what to include in new releases.  I can tell you that Availability Groups are on our mind when we do release planning.  But of course there's almost always more on our mind that we can do so we have to prioritize. 

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Update: We also got a support case on this item and this functionality was added  to DPA version 9.2 by following this article 

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