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DPA Coexistence with IIS (Windows Server 2019)

Hi all,

We're trying to use IIS on a Windows 2019 server that has DPA installed.  We recently added the IIS role and bound a new IP address to the server for IIS to use, but it appears (from netstat) that Tomcat for DPA is using port 80 on all IPs and the IDC_WIZARD_SECURE_URL is binding to the IP that we're trying to use for IIS over port 443.  IIS is throwing 503 errors in the browser and I'm presuming it's because it because of a port conflict.

I've edited the server.xml in Tomcat to bind to the other IP (the one that IIS is not trying to use), yet the issues above persist.  Is there a way to make DPA listen on a specific port / ip for Tomcat and to update the IDC_WIZARD_SECURE_URL to use a specific address?

Thank you


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