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DPA Alert Notification: DPA Database Instance Monitor Errors (InstanceName) - HIGH

Hi All,

I'm getting many below error message even SQL Server is up and running. I don't find any errors in SQL Server Error log and in Event Viewer. Can anyone Help me out.

Monitor for database [InstanceName] failed in job [QuickPollJob] due to [The query has timed out.]. Will attempt to retry every [60] seconds...


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There could be several reasons why this could happen, so I would suggest opening a support ticket with Solarwinds Support.

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Is there anything i can do before opening a support ticket?

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That really is your best approach. It sounds like you looked through error logs and did not find anything, so the support group can help go through them in detail. I suggest that when you create the support ticket that you add your DPA logs as an attachment.

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