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Create a DPA alert if SQL is unable to see a drive

Had an instance where sql failed over and it wasn't able to access the drive. Solarwinds is able to see the drive in windows and it was showing as normal. In DPA i can see where the drive was no longer being seen by sql. I called support and was told: "This is a break fix tool and wasn't designed as monitoring tool" so they were unable to help me with the alert. How can i create an alert for when the drive isn't accessible by sql?


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Product Manager
Product Manager

By "SQL failed over" is this an instance in an availability group? If so, all activity may be going to a different instance and the above instance may not be available to query to collect information. The new primary instance may be the mirror in terms of no information before 10:30 but information after 10:30. If this is the case you may want to have an availability alert for each of the instances to fire when the DB can't be accessed.

While DPA's main focus is on performance and problem diagnostics, it does provide detailed monitoring for databases. Since it collects all information via SQL queries, if the DB isn't processing queries it is limited in identifying health and environment information and can't definitively identify the status of the server or host etc. It also is obviously limited by what information the DB itself can make available. Providing a comprehensive availability and health monitoring of a Database and the DBs environment health requires being able to collect information via other means than just SQL alone such as via traps, WMI, etc. For full health monitoring, we suggest using SolarWInds SAM in conjunction with DPA. Installing SAM will also automatically provide the DPA Integration Module (DPAIM) so that in the Orion Database dashboard and Perfstack analysis custom dashboards (where you can pick and choose a set of metrics to conpare against) you can see a combination of the information collected by both SAM and DPA.

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