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Can DPA be installed to MSSQL without a sysadmin login for the repository and/or for monitored MSSQL servers?

For installation of a DPA data repository in an MSSQL server, can it use an already existing login that is dbo in an already existing db

For registering an instance of a MSSQL server to be monitored, can I run an .sql file outside of DPA to do the setup?

I found this web page which is somewhat related:

Thanks in advance

Ben near DC

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Product Manager
Product Manager

In addition to Rob's information, there is an option to register a DB without a sysadmin user via the mass registration interface and by leveraging a domain account.

Check out the Success Center article Register a SQL Server instance for DPA monitoring without sysadmin credentials

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As you found, for monitoring, you can remove the sysadmin role, but have to replace them with quite a few. Check it out here: Success Center

Keep in mind that *some* functionality may be missing should the monitoring user not have sysadmin.

For the repo, sysadmin is used to create the new database and schema owner. After that, sysadmin for the repo is not persisted or used.

Are you in a position where you absolutely don't have access to sysadmin credentials?

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