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Buffer Cache Size Plummeted In Latest DPA

I've been going through and checking various items on our SQL server and have noticed that since the latest version of DPA was installed, all our servers Buffer Cache Size is showing as having plummeted. Some of our server were on 57Gb per day and are now showing 30Gb. When I use my own scripts I am seeing 57Gb. I can see this began during the same 10 minute windows that DPA 2019.4 was installed.

Did something inadvertently get changed in the latest version to cause this value to change significantly. Anyone else noticing this?

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Re: Buffer Cache Size Plummeted In Latest DPA

Hi Boby, it would be best if you contacted SolarWinds support. But I have following questions:

What version of DPA did you update from?

Would you please provide us with the result of these 2 queries?

select  object_name, counter_name, cntr_value/1024 mb from sys.dm_os_performance_counters where object_name like '%Memory Manager%' and lower(counter_name) = 'total server memory (kb)'

SELECT object_name, counter_name, cntr_value/1024 mb

FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters

WHERE counter_name = 'Total Server Memory (KB)'

AND object_name = CASE @@servicename

    WHEN 'MSSQLSERVER' THEN 'SQLServer:Memory Manager'

    ELSE 'MSSQL$' + @@servicename + ':Memory Manager'