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Azure SQL Managed Instance support?

Azure SQL Managed Instance is less than a week away from general availability (Oct 1) -- any hints of a release date for SolarWinds DPA support for it?

The What We Are Working On for DPA (Updated August 29, 2018)  from Aug 29 said it was being worked on, but when I emailed customer support and talked to a person in the booth at Ignite...nobody knows about it.



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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi - you can vote for Azure SQL Managed Instance here: 

You are correct, we don't share timelines for specific features... but being on the What We are working on page indicates we are looking into it.

Cheers, Brian

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Thanks Brian. I voted it up. Please let me know if you need any beta testers when the feature is getting close 😉


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Thanks for voting, we will keep you posted.

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Solarwinds is notoriously tight lipped about release schedules and nobody who works for them will give you any kind of timelines for anything until the official announcements.  May as well just get your expectations in line with the policy.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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