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Alerts from DPA on the Orion platform

Dear All

Beside DPA we also have other modules from the Orion platform like SAM, NPM, etc..

DPAIM has been installed and is working

Is there a possibility to create an alert in the Orion platform based on different DPA alerts?

I went through the following example DPA alerting in the Orion Platform and this is working but it is not linked to the DPA alerts.

What I also found is the "Overall Alarm Level" field in the trigger condition.


But from the naming and tests it is an "overall" level but not linked to a specific DPA alert.

What I would like to achieve as an example.

- DPA - Create two alerts ("Database Freespace" + "SQL Server Job Failure")

- DPA - Register a SQL Server instance

- DPA - Assign the two alerts to the registered SQL instance

- ORION - Create an alert on "Database instance"

- ORION - Trigger an alert action when the DPA alert state is critical

- ORION - Clear the alert if the DPA alert state change is normal

DPA alert A is change to critical -> Orion alert should be triggered

DPA alert B is change to critical -> Orion alert should be triggered

DPA alert A is change to normal-> Orion alert should be cleared

DPA alert B is change to normal-> Orion alert should be cleared

I do know that the notification can be configured directly on DPA to send out emails if the state is critical. But the Orion platform is our central point to configure alert, monitor, etc..

I'm sure there is a way to setup this.

Thanks in advance



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Product Manager
Product Manager

Fabian - thanks for the excellent question and detailed example.  I'll do a little research, but I don't think this is possible yet for generic alerts.  If not, I'll create an idea for voting and reference it here.

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Hi All,

I had been going through the documents to make this work but is it for sure that No OOB mechanism exists to get Alerts for DPA working from the Orion Console once the Orion and DPA are integrated?

I too have NPM, SAM and DPA. Integated Orion with DPA but do not see IN alerts much to go about performing what is needed. Integration then is just for Relationships and Single console alone or beyond that as well for all DPA alerts?

Any guidance, direction or suggestion will definitely be given a Thumbs up.



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@Utkarsh_srivastava I don't believe this is possible at this time. The DPAIM allows for data from DPA to be displayed in Orion. However, DPA alerts are not included in the integration. @cpriddy might have more details to share regarding product roadmap for DPAIM. HTH

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@Utkarsh_srivastava Unfortunately, DPAIM doesn't synchronize DPA alerts with Orion alerts. But customers do use DPA's SNMP trap notifications with Orion's Log Analyzer and create LA rules to open/close Orion Alerts or work with incident tickets etc.

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