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Alert executed for not selected instances

I am new to Solarwind tools and have alert configured to fire on failed SQL server job (in a picture)

I though that it must execute only for selected database  instance, but it does execute for each of the environments (text below for PROD-SVR-DB-03, but  only PROD-SVR-DB-01 selected). How can I configure this alert to trigger only for selected environment?


Alert: SQL Server Job Failure Prod-svr-db-01

Database Instance: PROD-SVR-DB-03

Execution Time: Friday - November 01, 2019 00:21:19

View Alert Status: http://***/

Job Description: ****  The step failed.

Result: TRUE

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Re: Alert executed for not selected instances


Which DPA version are you using?

I tried to reproduce it with version 12.1.701 and it was working as expected.

My test case was

- Create one job in two different MS SQL instances (A and B).

- The job contained a syntax error.

- Create a new alert "SQL Server Job Failure" and select one MS SQL instance (A)

- Executed the two jobs

--> The e-mail alert was sent for the failed job in the selected MS SQL instance (B) but not for the other MS SQL Instance (B).

What MS SQL Instances are returned when you click on "Test Alert" ? Only the failed job from "PROD-SVR-DB-01"?



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