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Thwackster of the Year

Thwackster of the Year

Lets create a award for the years bet overall contributor, someone that has really out performed the rest of the competition, like say rschroeder​.  He always has something great to add to conversations and is always very detailed in his responses.  It should be someone NOT employed by SolarWinds, but they do not need to be an MVP but if they win the award and are not an MVP they become one. 

Can I get a Heck yeah!!!!!!! 


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Aw, shucks . . .  Thanks, jeremymayfield​!

I don't know that peer recognition is required--we get points for our contributions, and we get access to this lovely forum of intelligent and committed IT professionals who respond helpfully and quickly to so much of what's posted.

Plus, there's the MVP status--what better recognition could we ask for than to have Solarwinds staff shine the spotlight on a handful of people who stand out to them annually?

I'd think if ANYONE received peer recognition from the entire forum, or even from just the MVP's (would we say someone's our "Most Valuable Thwacker?"  er, uh, maybe not . . .) , it would be someone like Radioteacher​, who watches from the wings and thinks things through, quietly resisting knee jerk reactions and comments.  Instead he posts mature ideas with a calm style and a reasoned approach.  The fact that he doesn't flood the group with a lot of content makes me sit up and pay attention when I see he's commented.  He gets to the heart of the matter in the fewest words, and leaves me silently impressed at his wisdom, gentle humor, and pleasant informative style.

Swift Packets!

Rick Schroeder

Well I would vote for you, but in the example where I fear i was not explaining myself clearly, I was giving an example.   You just were my example.   You're already an MVP also.  Peer recognition is something that most of us shy from but is also a nice way to grow.   We can all learn from each other and help one another out so why not let the world see how its done.

I'm happy to even be considered for a hypothetical example!

rschroeder you are too kind.  I think it is way past time for me to write a few Geek Speak articles.  Over the last few months, I have been pulled into mentoring.  Now might be a good time to encourage others to do the same.

One benefit of mentoring is it keeps your ideas young and fresh.



All brown-nosing aside, I think you have much to share that can benefit many of us.

Level 8

how can i get this opportunity?

Vote UP for this idea, then become busy contributing helpful ideas to Thwack.

  • Answer users' questions correctly
  • Help folks who need it by becoming familiar with Solarwinds products
  • Participate in missions
  • Be the all-around nice person and go-to resource for assisting others that you know you can be.
  • Be entertaining.
  • Use thoughtful and occasionally funny memes in your correspondence with Thack.
  • Offer your expertise in every way possible.
  • Devote your time away from work to Thwack to the best of your schedule's ability.

Every positive contribution helps, and even while you're sleeping you can earn points from your good works as people Like or Bookmark your ideas.

Good things happen when you're a helpful contributor to Thwack!


Don't forget to mention to take the SolarWinds free training classes so you can learn SolarWinds and strive to become a SCP.  Earn point in Thwack you get gear, to show your pride, to get more interesting.  Basically commit your life to Thwack and you'll have all you ever need, at least in terms of Thwack.  

" . . . commit your life to Thwack . . ."

It's certainly one way to break 300,000 points to get into the Top 10.

Thank goodness I'm the SW administrator for our company, and that I get a LOT of useful information from my time spent on Thwack.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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