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The "If You Bump It, The Day Will Come" Award

The "If You Bump It, The Day Will Come" Award

I think there, most definitely, needs to be an award for those Thwacknation user ideas out there, that have been bumped over and over, right into the "What we're working on" status.

This award would recognize the Thwack users, as well as the SolarWinds employees, working together, towards the same goal, to always make the most current version of SolarWinds the best version.

This year's unanimous winner... familyofcrowes​, and his wonderful, and much needed idea, ​.

I am sure there is a better name out there to be found, but the purpose should be fairly clear...

The "If You Bump It, The Day Will Come" Award?

The "reFre5hing Ideas" Award?

The "Keep On Keeping On" Award?

The "Thread Bumpers United" Award?

Come on guys,cahunt Jfrazier familyofcrowes nickzourdos rschroeder njoylif KMSigma bluefunelemental goodzhere​, we can do it!   lol



heres a bump to help bump it up !

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Honored you mentioned me.  Thank you....

I'll bump it up to a great cartoon!  (3 minute mark)

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The "Keep On Keeping On" Award?!?!

  - I can DIG IT!

Well, I mean, I'm not going to not bump this thread, right?

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Left Bump!

Bacon Bump !

Fist Bump!


The Bump app!

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