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Oil handle that....

Oil handle that....

It was a dark and stormy day....

I was manning the HelpDesk, minding my own business, and then the phone rang... It was "Jane D'Oh" on the 5th floor. She told me that her keyboard was not working. I asked her to reseat the cable. She said she had already unplugged and plugged it back in. I asked if the num lock light was on and she indicated that it was. I had her press the num lock key, and she told me that turned off the light. I went to our stockroom, grabbed a keyboard and made my way to her cube. Upon arriving, she told me that her keyboard had been squeaking, and that she had oiled it, but it still squeaked and then it stopped working all together. I asked her what she meant, and she proceeded to withdraw a can of three in one oil from her bottom drawer. I unplugged the keyboard and removed it from the metal keyboard tray. As I did, oil poured from the keyboard onto the carpet. I moved the keyboard tray out of the way with a loud squeak, plugged in the new keyboard, and pointed out the squeaking tray as the culprit. After testing the new keyboard for functionality, I put the oiled one in its very own body bag and left.

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We had a user do something like this. The laptop was water resistant and the user wanted to test it out. After a 20 oz coke was dumped on it the laptop would not boot any more. We had to replace his laptop and he received a nifty award (wrote up).  earle.kelley

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