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Network out to lunch?

Network out to lunch?

So here I am doing network and server monitoring for servers owned by us located at client sites. My team monitored the servers and the dedicated circuits feeding them data.

One particular client had a DR site which, every so often, would take a massive burst of errors lasting a couple of minutes, and then go clean again. This didn't happen every day, but when it did it was always around noon, give or take an hour. So I call up the network vendor and ask them to investigate. Of course during their investigations, it's always clean but they can confirm that there WAS a burst of errors, around the same time I saw my server acting up. So since they couldn't find anything, and it was clearly a network problem, they dispatched a tech to the site.

It turns out that the demarcation point was in the kitchenette... right behind the microwave. Well that explains everything, doesn't it?

The client had no desire to resolve this and it was just a DR site (no live traffic under normal circumstances) they didn't want any more tickets on it. I can only assume that if they would ever have a disaster that they had to recover from by moving people to this site, they would post a note on the microwave not to use it.