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Neatest cable job

Neatest cable job

I love nothing more than coming in and cleaning up someone else's disgusting cabling job. Having neat and tidy hub rooms makes troubleshooting much easier. So combined with Solarwinds, you'll have a much easier network to manage.

Looking for before and after shots of cabling that you've done.

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Level 10

Just one of many.....


Level 11

Two of us accomplished this on a Sunday afternoon.


Level 8

Documenting the connections was a nightmare!


Level 12

This was also an upgrade from an old stack to newer chassis.  We hired cabling contractors to do the patch work, and another Engineer and myself handled the hardware forklift.


Some nice cabling jobs there! I'm impressed.

Level 12

Wow I have dealt with a mess like this also. Do you prefer using the plastic wire ties or the Velcro? I use Velcro myself so if you ever need to add wiring for an expansion you can very easily.

Velcro is definitely the way to go. That's what I use too.

Level 12

A lot of people look at me as if I have two heads when I pull out the Velcro. I feel better now that I am not the only one in the world using Velcro.

Level 12

Definitely velcro.  Large rolls of it, from comm supply companies.

Level 12

The two headed guys are the white haird "phone guys" who were trained to literally tie their cables down with string.

Cable Lacing - Kansas city stich - YouTube