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Must be your network!

Must be your network!

That was always the response from this particular vendor - which shall remain nameless.

I support a group that has several clinics in the region. They use a particular vendor that provides their services via Remote Desktop. As we all know RDP doesn't take a huge amount of bandwidth, but does demand decent resources at the server end. We were constantly getting the finger pointed at our network because the customer's RDP sessions were slow. After months of working (read fighting) with the vendor they finally increased the resources on their servers and suddenly our network got better, hmm coincidence?

However, a few weeks later we get a panic phone call - and a High priority ticket - from the customer. "No one can connect to unnamed vendor" A call to the vendor, of course, netted "It must be your network, all of our other customers can connect."  And we are in the Northeast and probably their first customer to connect in the morning, but that isn't relevant, I guess.

After the phone call I look in the Solarwinds Dashboard, navigate to my NetPath for that vendor and guess what I see. Friday night the path changes to their network. During the day I see a specific path and late Friday night there is suddenly a redundant path, just before entering their network.

Long story short - why do we say that - I called the vendor, provided them a screen shot and the response was. "Um, well, we Did put in a second ISP on Friday." Seems that the primary ISP was still working as intended, but the secondary hadn't properly been registered and the routing wasn't happening for that link. Vendor calls ISP, ISP handles registration, NetPath is again happy, customer is again happy - no apology was forthcoming.

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I have seen issues like this more times than I can remember.  It is always "your network" until you can prove otherwise. 

Oh, and to answer your question: "Long story short - why do we say that" I like this explanation.  It makes a long story short.  

'To Make a Long Story Short' | Phrase Definition, Origin, & Examples

Interesting article. I know there are times when the phrase really means something, but I've heard so many "long story short" that are so long anyway it's unimaginable that there could possibly be a longer version.

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That is so true.  Many people say it just because it sounds good and then go on to explain in detail.  I guess the details are not enough words or maybe they add the phrase just to make what they are saying seem far more important than it really is since they are telling the entire story anyway. 

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