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Most Helpful Thwacker

Most Helpful Thwacker

This would be an award for the most helpful Thwacker.  There are many people out there that just want to help others with whatever problem they have.  It may be SolarWinds related or anything within the IT field.  Thwack is a great community.  Let's award the ones that make it so great!

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I like this idea.  I thought it was probably already covered by point totals / rank or MVP status, but points & ranking aren't the equivalent of being helpful.  And MVP status is only something SW / Thwack Admins have input on..  This recognizes someone that many members appreciate as particularly helpful; it might bring that person some warm fuzzies and another little feather in their cap to show off to the boss when it's time for an increase in responsibility or compensation.

I like this suggestion.