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I Am The Single Point Of Failure (or Serendipity is Your Friend.)

I Am The Single Point Of Failure (or Serendipity is Your Friend.)

So back in my wiring days, I was working in a patch closet.  As you can imagine, it is hard to run patch cables without touching the existing cables as your route them through the cable management.


I left the closet having completed my work, when about 30 minutes later the Director of Networking calls me into his office.

"Did you go in closet (blah) this morning" asked the bald manager.

"Why yes I did." I responded holding in the sarcastic comment that you already knew that or we would not be talking, I am sure you pulled the badge report for the door or we would not be talking.

Turns out as I was running some network cables I took down the alarm systems for some 1300 hundred locations.  After talking a few minutes and a return to the the closet, we discovered two things.

1.  There was a single point of failure for 1300 locations with nor redundancy or back up.

2.  One of the Network Engineers had know the rj45 on this particular cable was faulty, he just had not wanted to go through the trouble to open a change management request to take the alarms offline for the 2 minutes it would take to replace the cable.

So needless, to say, the alarm console immediately had the cable replaced and within days had the redundancy it needed.


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Thank you guys for all the support


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it happens alot.

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