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Download the printable PDF version to predict the winners of the first annual Sci-Fi Bracket Battle


Kirk vs Picard in the 1st round?  An epic match like this should have been laid out for a later round match up.

I'm making an uneducated guess. Here it goes...


I'm adding my bracket too... I'll stand by it, win or lose.


River Tam, Doctor, Daleks, and Agent Smith Final 4 with a Doctor v Dalek Final.  The Doctor reigns supreme.

Also, how did nobody from the Stargate Franchise make it in here?

Stargate got snubbed, and Firefly got over represented.  A system lord, a wraith or, to add yet another omnipotent being, the Ori.  Toss in Jack O'neill, or John Shepherd and you've got a nice lot to pick from.

I was thinking of Shepherd or Ronan sp? or Teal'c sp?

Another fun discussion for a future debate, the Enterprise vs Star Destroyer vs Gallactica vs Daedalus

Haha, good topic.

We found 2 sites to help fuel that one.  A super star destroyer is almost 20km!

I hear you, but really we needed to get it out of the way.  Didn't feel right leaving it up to chance.

This is a web show, me and some coworkers used to do.  on this episode we tackled this topic,

Geek Out: Star Wars Star Destroyer versus Star Trek Enterprise D - YouTube

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