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Community Manager
Community Manager

Yule Rule 2019 - Did your submission make the cut?

Over the last two weeks, we took your suggestions of what you DIDN'T want to take into the New Year with you. Well, consider your wish granted. Ok, maybe not granted but at least we've provided some visual satisfaction of those "things" going up in flames.

Be sure to watch closely - your suggestion might be featured!

What else are you planning to leave in 2018?

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Level 20

Wow who did the burning in the fireplace?  That was probably getting hot by the end!!!

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Watching the whole thing until #BlackTheme appears and burns away like my dreams IRL.

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Level 10

The fire is soooooo relaxing...

And I want those sweet coffee mugs!

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Level 13

OMG - more than 10 hours of time/life wasters going up in flames.  Totally awesome.

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This is... magical. I'm replacing one of the NOC monitors at my desk with this video.

I like how the last one before the video loops is some tasty meta.

Oh hello.


You should've heard the internal discussions on whether to have each animal head make a noise or not.

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Oh My GOODNESS!     TEN HOURS of suggestions going up in flames?