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Level 10

Can we buy these anywhere?

i have 2 of the 4 modules already.  But I am willing to buy these.  Are you going to put them in a online store for people to purchase?  I am thinking this is a great idea for my Christmas for my team?

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Level 9

I just got my environment completed at home and am going to get them done tonight. Wish I could do it at work but to many restrictions.

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Level 7

These seem to be great shirts; my vote is to place these in the Thwack Store for 2,000 points each

Great idea!!

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I got 3 of 4 but my team will mug me for them when they see me wearing them.

You guys come up with the best stuff!!!!

Happy I got back in time to participate in this!

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Level 16

Hey guys,

I'm really liking the enthusiasm here. For the moment, these t-shirts are not available in the store, nor to purchase.

However, the competition is open until December 31st, so you have plenty of time to join.

Also, if you/your company doesn't own ALL 4 products, you can go ahead and download the missing one, and give it a try.

optwpierce‌, since you only have 2 out of 4, you have more chances at getting a t-shirt by submitting a screenshot than by waiting for these to be available in the thwack store, since there is no guarantee for that.

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Level 7

Make it 4th Running LEM and Orion already how can we get the shirts?

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Level 12

I 2nd this, the shirts look great & would be perfect for some of the team here!

I 3rd this, they DO look great and I would love to have them for me, too, (not just the team! 😉