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Day 3: Search

Level 18


As IT pro's, we find ourselves searching for many things. We search for solutions. We search for truth (both regular and capital-T truth). Most of those things we either have a good chance of locating, as long as we're persistent and intelligent about it.

But one of the searches that many (if not all) IT pro's undertake is the search for the right fit in their job.

Forums, job boards, and advice columns - not to mention innumerable after-work-over-beer discussions - are filled with tales of horrific bosses, harrowing workplaces, and hideous jobs.

If there were easy answers, they'd be out there already. After 30 years, the only wisdom I can give is this: it's the same as any other problem. You have to be persistent. You have to be smart. You have to be willing to abandon your preconceived notions and start over - again and again if necessary. You have to accept that the solution which worked for another person in another place may not be your solution.

And sometimes the search has to be given up for now, with the trust that you'll take it up again another day when you are fresh and ready to try again.

Level 14

Search deep in your heart

And seek what is true,

Then show who you are

In all that you do.

Today’s word is “Search”

This is another short word with a good number of definitions at—fifteen of them, to be exact.

“Search” is a verb to be used with an object, as in to look for where that MAC address is found on the network.

I search Thwack daily for answers to my questions, to the questions of others, and for ways to accumulate more points.  No matter how effectively I search, I’ll never have as many points as Leon.

And I’m OK with that.

Maybe, you are like Bono and "...still haven't found what you're looking for"

Or maybe you are like **** Jagger and have decided "...You can't always get what you want"

Or you have learned "if you try sometimes... well you might find....You get what you need"

Or at the end of a long journey you have discovered "The search is over.  You were with me all the while."

They say art imitates life.  And in the art of music, there is much to be said about searching and finding--and not finding.  And the same is true for us.  We may be seeking "Truth" as adatole suggests.  Or we may be seeking "Love"... or "Riches"...or "Fame"...or "Our Own Little Acre"...or just "To Be Left Alone".

We all search for something.  Whether it is approval, acceptance, love or justice.  But why do we search?

Do we search out of selfishness or self-centered-ness?

Do we search out of need or necessity?

Do we search for the thrill or excitement of a serendipitous adventure?

I think why we search is as important as what we search for.  We can sometimes "do the right thing for the wrong reasons."

Where I work, one of the five pillars of our business is "Do the right thing."  But I know we are expected to do the right thing for the right reasons.  Not just to protect our brand, but to protect our customers as well.

Search with hope and honesty.  Search with vigor and tenacity.  But always search with Honor

Level 11

Keep searching and when you find the answer, don't be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone. It will be worth the risk. Search.jpg

Level 11

I will take a moment to to expound on two topics, one from adatole​ - Search and another from my  - Day 2: Context​ topic.  Several of the people in my office had never heard of Google Hacking or the enhanced Search keywords they provided so I will spill the beans here.  Please see the Document uploads, I have created a brief guide to using these items in searches with example of most.

Level 12

We Search for clues and answers

We Search for we are

We Search for our true calling and show all what we are

Level 11

My Dentist used the Plan A +  strategy.... when the money is coming out of your own pocket you wouldn't be happy to discover that the final plan is Plan M,N,O...

Level 10

Calvin and Hobbes

Sometimes, you need to adjust what we are searching for.

"The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking, and don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking, don't settle."


Search and ye shall find !!

(now upto each one of us - Google IT, Thwack IT, ask an MVP, ask a Geek, ... spoilt for choice)

Level 10

We search to prepare ourselves for the future,

We search to learn more about what fits best for us, and what doesn't,

We search to wondering if we'll ever be done with the searching (will I ever find that one job/position where I know I fit, I belong I'm happy where i am?),

We search to better understand ourselves and where we fit in the world.

...Prepare, Learn, Search, Understand.... all for better developing of yourself, and loving what you do.

It is hard to say if as we get older searching is easier or harder? If we have been learning along the way then we know what didn't work, but we also realize the complexity of life and the fellow humans we interact with. So when you look forward searching for that job or new significant relationship you might be very aware of what you don't want more of in your life and possibly some of what you do want. However, you appreciate that there are things you just don't know because you haven't experienced them yet. So searching for things you know something about is ok, but searching a little off to the side can be a mind and life expanding journey. I am still searching for a way to do that, better.

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

  ― Dalai Lama XIV

Level 10


Level 12

There once was a giant of search

Who sat loftily atop a high perch

But storm clouds darkened the horizon

Now maybe they'll be part of Verizon

Oh, Yahoo!, don't leave us in the lurch!

I remember a tall book shelf that was filled with books and manuals when I started IT. If you didn't know it, you asked around. If they didn't know it, you looked at the books. Search sure has changed.

Level 14

And we search for answers to the monthly Missions.

It really matters if we do not find the correct response. It hurts our pride & costs us points.


Always search for the correct answer to your problem or the under lying cause of the problem. If not you may experience unexpected results.

Level 13

Always search with purpose and action. You must know what you are searching for, or you will never find it...whether it be peace, friends, or your missing car keys...without the item in your mind, you will never find it. You will also never find it if you don't get up off the couch...

Level 10

When I'm helping a user and get stumped on a fix for their issue, instead of telling them "I need to go Google that"  I say, "I need to consult my knowledge-base and I'll get back to you with a solution".  It sounds more professional and the end user most likely thinks I'm back in my nerd-cave doing super complicated astrophysics or black-magic while in reality, I'm searching the internet for a fix.


Level 11


to go or look through (a place, area, etc.) carefully in order to findsomething missing or lost:

To seek out and gain knowledge for something greater than what is now.  

To search: to desire more from anything to improve the current situation, either mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. 

Level 13

"If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail."    Heraclitus


If it feels like you're always searching for something, stop and re-evaluate, maybe you've forgotten what you're looking for.

Why are all my posts being moderated?  On every think i post now on thwack it says being moderated..... 

Level 8

I think in everyone's walk of life they search for that perfect job that will make them happy. But, what I have found out that it isn't the job that makes you happy, it is the way you approach each day. The attitude you have going into work that day is the day that you will have have. I have bounced around jobs every few years to find that one perfect one that pays more than the other, right now, the one that I am at currently has been the best one to me so far. I will see how long they keep me

Level 21

You have to be willing to abandon your preconceived notions

I think that is huge!  So many times I have watched people searching for the solution to a problem based on preconceived ideas about that problem.  Unfortunately this only causes their search to lead them astray.  Approach any search from a place of no assumptions, go at it from a place of willingness to learn (word from a previous day!).  Remember, it's okay to not know all the answers.


Old school is to search the manuals for solutions or an answer.

Today the answer is to google for the solution and likely not learn anything in your search for the answer.

Level 10

Most days I feel like 75% of my job is searching. I am usually searching:

Where the problem in my network is

A solution to my problem once found

Google....because not everything can be found in a text book.....and also its where people share similar experience

Thwack for Orion issues and other IT related information

A co-worker that can help me with an issue

My manager when I messed something up

hope that my manager doesn't fire me 🙂

Level 11

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. - George A. Moore

Level 10

I think, not only do we spend a lot of time searching, we spend our time searching for the right thing, especially this time of year.  We look for the right Cards to send, the right gifts the give, the right decorations, the right songs, the right recipes....all the while not stopping our searching for all the right things, and taking a moment and wondering if the right thing isn't to stop searching a be quiet in the now we are in.  I don't mean to say this is the only time we do this, but there just seems to be more of it during the holidays or "important" times of the year.

I also don't mean to say that the search for the right things, holiday related or not, aren't important, but sometimes constantly searching for the right thing means we miss out on being able to accept something as the right thing.  Maybe my job isn't just the "right" job, but I make it the right job for me, by accepting it for what it is and making the best I can make it, for myself.  I learn way more when a job isn't quite right for me, than one that would be exactly perfect.

So with the final thought on this, maybe we shouldn't search constantly until we find the right thing, but maybe its a search for the thing we can improve on, change or accept the way it is, making it just the right thing.

Level 9

Humankind's need to search is a hunger that will never be sated.


In a day when search means typing something into a browser and getting back an answer we need to remember that the search isn't just about getting an answer, it's about learning and gaining data that can be used now and in the future.

I liken this to when the calculator first came out and kids would complain - why do we need to learn math we can just use a calculator

Or the GPS - remember the old days when you had to learn how to get somewhere? Now you just do what the girl in the little box tells you to do, but could you ever get back there without her guidance?

searching, especially for the professionals that we are - should be about learning, not just finding.

On the tests I took this year, many of the questions had four correct answers.

I had to search the question for guidance the best correct answer.

Most correct answers relied on a subtle difference in the execution of a solution.


Level 14

I find that I sometimes go upstairs with great purpose, but then can't remember why. I know I was looking for something - or was I?

Is that the same thing?

The moral of the story is to write it down, think it through, make sure that what you think you want to find is what you want to find and then look for the right thing. You might even discover a better way of searching for it just by taking that little bit of extra time to think about that you're looking for

Level 10

I want to spend less time searching and much more time finding. I'm at a SharePoint conference right now, and search is a huge topic.

Having said that, if you don't have the dedication to search, you will never have much success finding things.

Level 20

There's no doubt that google has become the goto search for most everyone.  For a while I stuck to altavista because it seemed to find things I couldn't with other search engines... remember the days of the meta search engines?


Wow, back when I first got into networking, in the early days of the Internet, you really had to grind in order to find out information on how to do something.   If you were lucky, you might have found something on the Internet on your first set of search terms.  But, more than likely you'd have to pour through manuals either to find what you were looking for or find another term to add to your searches.   Today the quest for information is so much easier!!

That's often true on Twack Missions, too.  Except when the answer is buried in a 30-minute video . . .  Then it's like digging through the old manuals--time-consuming.


    No! Not really...

Thwack has taught me a lot about Search on so many levels. But once again I doubt that is what this exercise is looking for. My IT has caused me to do a lot of searching throughout the years. Search for that elusive answer in piles of haystacks instead of giving up. Search for my inspiration to ignite career path instead of resting on my laurels. Search for the right words to say to convey my message in an age when more and more communication is written.

Level 11

Keep searching as like you try to taste different food. Or your thirst for drinking.

Search is like drinking water. You should not stop searching.

Search always yields answers. So keep searching

How about having to read thru the news group postings on a green screen?


Thomas A. Iannelli

Information Services Manager

Stanley Consultants, Inc.



563.264.6300 (fax)<>

Level 9

When I think of "Search" it reminds me of my constant search for Gods Truth which I think drives me to Search out the best and most cost effective solution for my job.

Level 10

Log Search!

Logs are crazy useful in an environment with lots of firewalls in your way. In a typical IT team where systems and network are different teams getting to work together is difficult when everyone is pulled in different directions all day long. Having a SEIM such as SPLUNK to analyze logs to see where traffic might be getting dropped makes life easier. It also helps keep an eye out for security concerns that the product is built to understand or some you have specifically setup in the product that are a concern for your company.

Level 8

Most my job is simply searching to find if others are experiencing what I'm experiencing. Times sure have changed to allow others to search based off others experiences.

Level 11


Do not simply search; search to figure out what you want to search for! More than one search will be required for allt hings.

Level 12

As I tell people almost on a daily basis when they say "You are so smart, how do you know so much about so many different things with computers?" I tell them I am not as smart as I appear. I am just really good at searching for information and finding answers to problems. There is no possible way I could be an expert in every single thing I touch on a daily basis. I know the basics of how to get me around, but when it comes to more advanced things, I know how to search for and through white papers, documentation, and all kinds of other sources of information. Going hand in hand with search is not being afraid to ask. Ask someone who knows more about the topic at hand then you. If you are afraid to ask someone for help, then your not going to do well in IT.

Level 10

How about this quote.......

Image result for search quotes

Level 12

as in IT, in life the more latent the results for searching the less diminished the desire to find.

Level 9

I'm in the process of a mid-career transition from mainframe to networking, so I'm searching for answers all the time. One entertaining and frustrating part of the process is the realization that the questions I'm asking are often wrong.

About the Author
In my sordid career, I have been an actor, bug exterminator and wild-animal remover (nothing crazy like pumas or wildebeasts. Just skunks and raccoons.), electrician, carpenter, stage-combat instructor, American Sign Language interpreter, and Sunday school teacher. Oh, and I work with computers. Since 1989 (when you got a free copy of Windows 286 on twelve 5¼” floppies when you bought a copy of Excel 1.0) I have worked as a classroom instructor, courseware designer, desktop support tech, server support engineer, and software distribution expert. Then about 14 years ago I got involved with systems monitoring. I've worked with a wide range of tools: Tivoli, Nagios, Patrol, ZenOss, OpenView, SiteScope, and of course SolarWinds. I've designed solutions for companies that were extremely modest (~10 systems) to those that were mind-bogglingly large (250,000 systems in 5,000 locations). During that time, I've had to chance to learn about monitoring all types of systems – routers, switches, load-balancers, and SAN fabric as well as windows, linux, and unix servers running on physical and virtual platforms.