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Day 26: Create

Level 18

(Leon here: I have created this space, into which jennebarbour​'s post will appear later today. Feel free to create your own responses in the comments below.)

Level 18

if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

- Carl Sagan

Professor Sagan's quip speaks to a deeper issue, one which has has captured my imagination for a while. What does it mean to "create", and can we (ie: humans) really do it?

When my child comes to me with a blob of clay and says "I made you a paperweight" you have to ask yourself whether she created anything at all. The molecules were already there. Yes, she shaped them, and even more powerfully she gave that shape a name. So she formed, and she named. But does that really count as creating?

Take that question and move it forward a few years. Do we, as non-children, create? You could argue that writing this story is a creative act. And yet, as Ecclesiastes noted, there's nothing new under the sun. Everything we do is a retread, a copy, a reboot or retcon of something that existed before. When we code a new program, we're probably using other people's functions, libraries, and subroutines as much (if not more) than we're writing completely new code ex-nihilo.

My belief is that all of this is missing the real point about creativity. Creating is less about originality (or origin-inality) and more about the act itself.

The real creation in creating is our choice to make something and share it, our decision to take something that has a lesser function (lump of clay) and give it a higher one (paperweight).

But you may have noticed that I'm dancing around one key concept. The first to create. In fact, the Creat-or Him/Her/It-self. How does all of this fit into the ultimate act of Creation?

It's funny, because if you ascribe to the idea of a truly infinite God, then creation can't occur. If God is taking up all the space - every inch and molecule and sub-atomic-particle of this universe and all other multiverses - then there is by definition no room for anything else. So where did all that original creating occur?

According to ancient sages, God's first creative act was to withdraw. To contract and create a space, called tzimtzum, in which the world could exist without being overrun by all that God-stuff.

There's a lesson that goes beyond mythological comic-book origin thinking here:

First, that creation - both the capital-C kind that occurred "in the beginning" and the kind which occurs every day - is less about things which can be formed and held. The thing that got Created, and which we humans can TRULY create, and which defies Ecclesiastes view because it has NEVER existed before and may never exist again, are relationships with those around us.

The second lesson is that before we can create, we must get out of the way,

make room,

give some space

...for the created thing to exist.

So go ahead. Make some space. Reach out across the void.

And create.

To make something new.  Create.

Repurpose.  Reshape.  Imagine and make something new.


To create a better life and a better world. All of us wish to create a place where we are comfortable in our environment, with constant peace around us on a daily basis. God created the world and everything on it in 6 days.

Level 11

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 95:10

Yesterday I started a process to create something good out of bones I would normally throw away.  I like making prime rib but hate to throw away the bones and trimmings.  What can I do?

So I fired up the slow cookers and I am making beef stock.  It is 24 hours into the 48-hour run and all is well.  Tomorrow I will separate the Beef Stock and put into jars.  Toss the gunk on top away and give the clean beef bones to the new neighbor with the Labrador Retriever. 


I think the subtlety of jennebarbour is magnificant! To leave the page blank is to leave room for pure creation. To make something from nothing.

Continuing with the concept of multiple universes, it could be that each time we make a choice we help create a new universe or destroy others. If at each moment our choice and that of all those around us sets the arrow of time and space and probabilities in a new direction. Then when adatole your daughter makes a paperweight instead of pushing the clay into the blueray player or feeding to a pet or throwing it as a projectile at a sibling, she sets in motion a history and future where a beloved piece of clay sits upon a parent's desk. Then perhaps in a drawer. Only to be discovered much later when things need cleaning. If you had mocked her for such a silly thing instead of treasuring it, what future would you possibly have destroyed for her as an artist, musician, etc.

If you espouse something like manifest destiny, then there is no creation. Then there is no free will. Nah...I don't by it.

While I have no ancient citation for it Aristotle is credited with saying "It is not once nor twice but times without number that the same ideas make their appearance in the world." First saw this in a Graduate course I took. I tend to believe new ideas are happening all the time. For there are just some things, like drawings with perspective, they were flat, up until someone created a way to think about 3d on a 2d surface. Yet much is just a rehash of the same thing.

I need to create some dreams now.  Good night.


We create all the time and that act of creation makes us all god's in our own right.

Level 10




The Carl Sagan quote gets to the heart of the matter.

We can be creative, but we cannot truly create. We can be creative with what has already been created / provided, but we cannot create.

Level 11

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Level 12

Interesting that we can only be creative with what has already been created.

I'm a musician, I can be creative with the notes but there are no new chords or notes for me to play.

I am a woodworker, I can only be creative with how I assemble the pieces.

I am a wood turner, I can only be creative with how I shape the items that I turn.

I would say that I was created to be creative.

Level 21

I guess when I think of creating I think of doing something where the end result is something unique, even if it is made from materials that already existed.

Deep! adatole​, real deep. I can't hold my breath for that long so I won't take on the challenge of taking today's word to such depths.

Here in the world of superficial IT (j/k) creativity has been on the forefront for decades. From putting a man on the moon, to eradicating the planet of some of the most awful diseases, to improving logistics capabilities, to finally connecting the world... which some may argue has backfired a little of late. The creative aspect of IT is still what keeps me in the industry and not my lifelong passion of selling bait on a pier in the Caribe`.

I get jazzed when brainstorming creative solutions to problems with obvious dead ends. My creative streak is what keeps me interested in my work.

Level 9

Imagination is the beginning of creation.

Level 12


Level 11

Image result for create

We have become s society of consumers rather than creators.

Build something

Make things new

Create art, or joy or peace or profit.

Out create your consume

Level 11

Level 11

Growing up without as much technology as kids have today was actually a blessing because I learned to create things in order to have fun and stay occupied.  I created games , crafts, lego masterpieces (at least I liked to think so) and much more.  It helped foster a creative spirit in me that I still have to this day.

Level 14

I create with my mind

Things I would like to see,

Then mold with my hands

And allow them to be.

Level 12

To create from my mind and soul

Level 10

If you want to create something, remember that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Take something that already exists, and add onto it if you can! Create something new out of old things!


Level 20

I love creating new innovative solutions to problems... it's a big part of what makes IT so great to me!

Level 15

Create. What an absolutely wonderful thing.

I personally thrive on creations. Be they mine or someone elses, the idea that we humans can have our little electrical impulses result in a new thing, that's just insane to me.

Level 13

create love and love to create...

Level 9

I never had any problem with the idea that there is nothing new under the sun. We are part of the equation Spinoza argued that everything is a derivative of God, interconnected with all of existence. Although humans only experience thought and extension, what happens to one aspect of existence will still affect others. The order and connection of ideas is the same as the order and connection of things

Level 12

Creativity is one of my weaker points. I am not a creative person by nature sadly. I never have been and likely never will be. I am envious of those people who can create things. That various from art, to building something with their hands, to programming lines of code. It all takes creativity.

Level 10

IT - All we do is create. We create solutions to problems. Sometimes we created those problems, but never the less.

We create networks and databases. We create code and scripts. We create servers and clients.

We create work space for the modern world. Without, I feel like a lot of business would fail. I have had entire plants go home for the day when they couldn't use the network. Because we couldn't fix the problem soon enough, half a days worth of revenue was lost. That's pretty heavy stuff.

Level 9

Create the way you want to live your life. Create the job that you want and enjoy each day.

Level 9

Be creative, Inspire the world!

Level 9

The Lord is the creator of the heaven and Earth. He is the Potter and we are the Clay.

Level 10

Create room for me when I fall. Create a space in your heart to forgive me.

Level 10

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Albert Einstein

Level 12

Let's help to create and innovate what will help us this year 2017.

Create from new ideas that will exceed last year.