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Day 24 - Be Adventurous!

Level 11

Today, my friends, is December the 24th.

In Germany, this would be the evening where young kids start a raid at the Christmas tree, and grown-ups invite their parents for dinner. Or, in case of no kids available, you make sure your friends with paws are having a good time with fresh tuna:


So, everyone is busy, and no one is reading this blog post!

But wait, surely some IT folks are working and minding those pesky servers because servers don’t know it’s Christmas!

And for some reason, I now have this
song from the 80s in mind, but that’s fine as the task is to write about "what would I tell my younger self."

The lack of a time machine aside, let’s do it!

Twenty-something years ago, I wanted to become an architect, but, while looking into what I would need to study, I decided it's too much mathematics, which would require too much effort, so I ditched the idea early.

Instead, I told myself, "Okay, I am interested in art and computers," and started studying applied IT in computer media, hoping I could get away with this lazy approach and express myself through photography, video, and web design.

I guess you know what happened: math did strike back at the traditional IT topics and has followed me ever since. That includes random occasions, like exams asking for calculating variable subnet masks, ahhhhhh!

So, I am telling my younger self: Be adventurous, and try new things!

Now for the next thing, food.

If you’re following me on Twitter, you probably wouldn’t believe that, up until 2016, I primarily ate fast food.

Seriously, a long time ago I spent two years in Paris without learning much of the language besides “un menu Big Mac avec frites et coca,” and at home, I just used the microwave.

The only appliances in my kitchen were the microwave and a small fridge!

A little later, after I arrived in Ireland, I learned how to prepare precooked food. I learned to fry beef mince, added cream and a spice mix from a bag, and felt like a master chef.

Hey, it was at least an improvement!

It took me a few more years to start with serious cooking, which opened a new world to me.

So, I am telling my younger self: Be adventurous, and learn to cook earlier.

There is one more thing which just came into my mind.

For the majority of my life, I was living in a small city in Germany, and I never wanted to move elsewhere. Not even 60 kilometers south for a job—so I commuted each day instead, which turned out to be a nightmare.

In 2005, I had the chance to turn my hobby into my profession, and I moved to the big city, Paris, France, far away from home. The time I spent there was so-so, but I felt encouraged to relocate even farther away to Ireland a little later. An island, would you believe, and they drive on the wrong side of the road!

But so many things have happened. As I have lived in three different countries, I became much more open-minded and changed my views of the world, the people, and life in general. I am born German, but now consider myself European.

So, I am telling my younger self: Be adventurous, and explore the world.

Now let me introduce you to another nice German Christmas tradition, Glühwein (heated mulled wine with the addition of a sweet spirit like Amaretto). You would start drinking these at Christmas markets in late November:


Happy Christmas.


Be adventurous, and explore the world.

saschg​ I agree so much with this statement. I have always been curious and my folks would tell you I have always marched to my own drum. Yet, I did not have a driving ambition to explore the world. Specifically to travel abroad. I was always trying new foods and activities but just here in the US. It was my wife's love of art and lust for travel that pushed me to go abroad. I have now been to Mexico, Canada, British Virgin Islands, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and of course Italy! The people, sites, and the food have been such a joy in my life. We don't go with tour groups, these have all been independent travel and as such we have lodged in some interesting places. Even if world events conspire to restrict our future travel ambitions I have a lifetime of memories and stories from each adventure. It is still such a thrill to watch movies and documentaries together and we can say to each other - remember when we were standing right there!

I can say with certainty I would never have tried tripe with white beans and tomato sauce except for the fact it was in a restaurant in Firenze. I would have never imagined traveling to Roma, meeting a group of Sri Lankans, teaching them FARKLE, and them inviting us to share a large dinner with them all while staying at an acquaintance's private villa for a week! I feel so much more the world citizen.

Happy Return of the Sun.

Level 11

No truer words than "Be Adventurous" there is so much outside of the four walls you see everyday, go and see it all if you can.  When I was younger I went around the world, I travelled to Japan and stayed a while.  This has been some of the best things i've ever done in life, and I only wish I had done more of it.  Travelling, and seeing the world and other cultures allows you to realise just how humble you should be, especially when you're in SE Asia, surrounded by people who have nothing, but have the biggest smiles on their faces.

It will soon be new year, make your resolution to do and see more of everything.  Be Adventurous!

Level 15

It takes courage to set aside the world's predisposition on yourself.  It takes getting over fears.  But, even in later life, you do want to strive to "Be Adventurous".  Sometimes it takes life knocking you down, to come to that realization.

Level 9

saschg​ Thanks for the great post!  Sometimes it takes the small steps to lead to the big adventure as your post shows.

You know, I was appreciating all the writing thus far, this one for some reason though, made my mind jump here.   So here goes.   Recently at my company Christmas party i was speaking with our quality manager, she is from Bulgaria.  She told me they didn't get to start celebrating Christmas in their country until around the year 2000.   That is only 18 years ago.  Roughly....  I would tell my younger self to appreciate all the blessings you have had, freedoms, and even our glutenous bloat we all take for granted in our awesome country.   There are parts of the world younger self, that have no idea how wonderful a blessing it is to partake freely in a religious celebration of life, forgiveness, and love.   Although they did get cabbage rolls for the new year. 

Thank you, I very much appreciated your post. 

"Happy Christmas!" A very European greeting. It reminds me of Christmas's long ago making calls to my Scottish and Australian aunts and uncles around Christmas. I don't hear it enough anymore...

Be adventurous indeed! Europe offers wonderful advantages by having so many different countries in close proximity. You can be exposed to so much and you don;t have to travel very far. Kudos to you.

Ich wollte mal Arzt werden...daher auch noch der „HerrDoktor“, eigentlich hätte ich das auch gerne probiert, aber Elektrotechnik/Informatik war so schön einfach  in der nächstgelegenen Stadt zu studieren. Und ich dachte mir, mit dem Auslands-Schuljahr in den USA war ich doch schon abenteuerlustig genug. Ich gebe dir Recht, man kann nie genug Abenteuer haben, mein pickelgesichtiges jüngeres ich hätte ruhig auch abenteuerlustiger sein können!

In diesem Sinne: frohes Fest! Auf den nächsten Glühwein im nächsten Jahr.

Level 10

Merry Christmas to all in Thwack community world!!  

Great quote with cooking and wine related comments:     'I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.' – W.C Fields

Level 14

Being adventurous often requires disregard for risks and embracing impulse. I truly understand the benefits of this but I have wrestled with this for a very long time. I am so eager to err on the side of stability and security that anything I do spur of the moment shocks my wife and kids. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Merry Christmas Sascha!

My wife and I have been trying to travel to at least one new place every year, even if it's just a quick weekend trip to a new state that our local airport has a direct flight to. I'd love to start traveling internationally, hopefully we'll be able to come and enjoy your home in Europe sometime soon

Level 15

Great advice! I think a decent amount of regrets would be alleviated had we taken that one risk or leap of faith.

A Ship in Harbor Is Safe, But that Is Not What Ships Are Built For

Level 9

I agree with smttysmth02gt. Taking a leap of faith can be beneficial, but for me planning and preparing are very important. I need to understand the possible implications of my actions and how they may impact others. This is especially true when making a change to the network.


I love your theme - be adventurous. For many years I was "in the box" having grown up in a traditional family with traditional values. I wanted the house with a picket fence, conservative car, white shirt and tie job, etc. I lived that life for the longest time - Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with and and all of those things, but once I broke out of the box I've enjoyed life so much more. My key to being adventurous keys off of yesterdays theme - don't let others determine what is right for you. If you want a picket fence, get a picket fence - but if you really want a "themed" front yard then don't let anyone tell you to do anything differently (unless you live where there are community rules, in which case you should probably move first) Be adventurous, stretch yourself and try new things.

Level 13

Try something new everyday.

Level 12

I will always try something once. 


Your experience with cooking hits pretty close to home! I swear it's on the to-do list!

Level 12

Trying new things is an adventure and we all can use a little of that once in a while.

Level 20

A good German friend of mine always had a form of preserved fermented fruit liquor called I think Rumtopf that was started with fruit from harvest and kept fermenting all year until Christmas when everyone would drink it.  That was interesting.

Level 10


I tried Glühwein for the first time in the early 80 at Nurenburg (excuse spelling) I was stationed in Augsburg 82 - 84.  It is one of the best memories from Germany that 1st time being away from the states.  I grew up in a little town of 600 ish  people and joined the Army.  The Kriskindle markts are great.


I like this submission a lot.  I like your wide-world experience and practical views.

Thank you for sharing it.

Every serious household has a Rumtopf ready  


Glad you liked it here. I lived in Augsburg from 2008-2010 now I live close to Nürnberg so I can totally relate to what you are saying

Level 14

After University I moved from a small provincial city in N. Ireland to London (that seemed quite adventurous at the time).  Since then I have travelled all over the world, eaten pretty much anything you want to mention (yes, dog, snake etc.) and Scuba dived Bikini Atoll.  Dived with sharks (no cage) and ridden fast motorcycles around the Isle of Man TT course. 

If you aren't living on the edge you are taking up too much room.