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Day 23: Begin

Level 18

In my essay “I Wish Someone Had Told Me” I talk about getting started in IT, and how at the beginning, you are just all over the place. You are pulled into different projects, working with different teams.

And that’s the problem. Because if you keep letting yourself get pulled around, you will never settle into one area, and you will never get REALLY good at something.

What I didn’t say in the essay is that beginning – meaning starting to focus on the area that excites you most – means NOT focusing on other things. And that can be hard. It can be a challenge when you realize you no longer know every variation of every component in 3 vendor’s line of servers; or that you no longer think in code; or that all the old keyboard tricks you knew were for operating systems that are now defunct.

But that’s the price, and it’s one worth paying.


Begin again into a new life with Jesus Christ as lord an savior. We begin our lives as newborns, and seem throughout our lives to always have to begin again. Throughout life we begin Kindergarten, then begin grade school, then middle school, the high school, then College, then a new job. We begin a new family, and then our kids begin their lives the same as ours. Life is full of beginnings, you are always beginning new things in your life, so there is never an end to a beginning. Just more things that lead to new things in you life and the life of others.

Great article adatole 

How can I begin to begin.  Its often said when you fail you can always begin again.   In know this personally.   I have not had the best personal successes.   in Business i have been blessed beyond what i deserve i am sure, and with family i have been well double blessed but i have made it a lot harder than it should have been.   I like most made mistakes, financial, emotional, letting my immaturity at the time get the better of me.   Sometimes it was even jealousy. to truly begin again you have to forgive yourself, and move past it, really move past it, like repentance.   If you merely say you're sorry and repeat the same actions over and over, are you truly sorry, did you really repent?  Well captain obvious the answer is no.  To truly begin again is to let yourself be free of the pains, and issues that had driven you away from where you were going, or who you were and the person you wanted to be. 

Take time to reflect on the truly important things in life.  Make sure you appreciate what you have, and if you don't now is your time to begin again.

Level 11

To begin can mean many things - a second chance, start of a new thing or even to take another way on the journey you are. I am always excited about beginnings but we sometimes can get tired of new things when we think we have made enough use of them. The best way to live life is to view each day, each moment and each opportunity as the beginning of a stage in your life.

Level 12

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Level 9

Every day is a new beginning.

Any day that would begin by using a Star Trek transporter could be a good one for me.


Similarly, if I could experirence "real" light saber training, that would be a fun place to begin.


In these contexts, "begin" is optimistic and hopeful--that's the way I think.   I rarely think of the opposite--where "begin" means I'd begin having a stroke or a heart attack, or begin seeing or experiencing things unpleasant even to contemplate.

I'd begin to see the end of conflict, not its start.

A fresh new love, not a broken heart

A fresh sunrise at the break of day

Or a full moon's rise--that's my way

The cure that brings hope

A new DHCP scope

A flower's new bloom,

Not democracy's doom

I use "begin" for what's good and new

Not a stale, cold cup, but a hot, fresh brew

A meaty broth in a steaming stew

Not a sad faux pas or verbal miscue

A fresh white roll of bathroom tissue

Not an audit of funds, or a judicial review

Not a board out of true or low revenue

But a dream job gained from a great interview

"Begin", by its very nature, is initially positive, for me.  It could be the worst of times, or the best of times--each has a beginning.  But I move forward with hopes that all will be good, and become better.  Who would survive believing each new beginning will be another step towards sorrow and oblivion?

Begin to hope, begin to dream, begin to make better . . .


Level 13

Beginning is the first and most difficult step of any activity. Whether it be a project, activity, exercise, relationships, or, most importantly, forgiveness.

and remember, never begin anything without the end in mind, otherwise, you just wander aimlessly with no direction, with no conviction, and no results.

Level 11

Image result for begin

You have to start somewhere. You just have to start.


Level 13

It's never too late to begin again either.  I've reinvented myself in my career multiple times, and it always starts with thoughts along the lines of "I'm too far down this path to change" or "going this direction will take too long."   If you begin now, you'll be where you want to be sooner than you expect.

Begin. My favorite part of any journey. All is fresh, all is pristine, unspoiled. Every step, every action, put forth will forever change that journey. Shall we begin?

At the beginning of the speech you knew it was not going to be an easy dialog. "You can not begin to understand the complexity of the systems and how the interact...."

When I hear this in discussions with IT or business or political people, I remind them that in the beginning this did not exist. Humans dreamt and brought it into existence. Therefore, in time, with education and experience, I too can understand this system. It is not unknowable. For if it were, humans could not have created it.

Commencing a new job or deploying a new technology always the begins with observing and learning. Then let the seeds of ideas for change sprout and begin to grow. So when they are mature enough you can harvest them and all can reap the benefits.

Level 12

In IT we deal with beginnings just as much as we do with endings. The end of one thing usually leads to the beginning of something else. When I began my journey in IT I had no idea where it would lead, and I still have no idea where I will end up. I started out doing contract work and found a few internships that led to jobs that were later cut every time the economy collapsed. Every time I started over it was frustrating, but a learning experience as well. If I had graduated during a stable economy and not in 2002 right after the dotcom bubble, and again in 2007 when the entire economy tanked, things probably would have played out quite a bit differently for me, but that is all just speculation. Needless to say I have had to deal with a lot of beginnings over the years. I have learned to embrace them and learn as much as I can from them.

Level 13

"The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?" --  Edgar Allan Poe

Level 10

quit talking and begin doing - famous life quote.png

Level 11

The lyrics are well worn but I still love this part of the song:

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Semisonic - Closing time

Speaks to me of the circle of life that surrounds us always.

Level 21

You can't accomplish anything without first beginning so take that first step, each step after only gets easier!


BEGIN by using the last END as a stepping stone, rather than something you tripped over.

On Tuesday, the team began the upgrade process on our monster multimodule Orion setup.  It is late on Friday and almost have it done.  

The support I received from Solarwinds was awesome.  We had some old stale QoE junk in our database that had to go to allow for the new installs.

When Adrian Cook truncated the bad data from the database....all was well.

Four days of focus....soon it will be done.



Putting begin after end, a bit poetic huh?

Of course that got me thinking of the old days, anyone do much with Pascal?



Whenever I speak or lead a group meeting I have a phrase "Begin with the end in mind." That end must always be action. We often talk/lead to impart knowledge or ideas - but knowledge and ideas without action are pretty meaningless. Consider first what you want people to do with the information that you are giving them, then purpose to convey the information - along with a passion - to them in a way that incites action.

A journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step

Tao Te Ching

Begin something.  Not in the way one does a New Year's Resolution.  Begin, something real and long lasting.

Begin learning something that changes your career.  Learn a language like JAVA or C#, learn SQL, or learn autmation with PowerShell.

Begin learning something that changes your life.  Learn a hobby, learn to love to read, or learn to love to write.

Begin learning something that changes your world.  Learn how to get involved with homeless, the widow or the orphan.. 

And when you learn, don't just sit there.  Begin to make a difference.

Level 12


Level 14

Begin each day thankful

For being able to rise,

For the day awaits us all

Where we meet with our demise.

Level 11


So keep trying all possibilities when you try to troubleshoot.. Never give up. Coz a solution should be there and you have everything to get that solution. Just use your mind with a little patience and you can crack whatever the issue is..

Coz you are WORTH IT....

Level 11

Cool post.  Haven't really thought of this topic much. Being one of two in my IT department, you need to dabble in everything so like you mentioned it's difficult to get really good at something. Definitely something to consider and keep in mind moving forward!

Level 9

Just getting started can be the hardest part, being open to changing your plans can ensure your beginnings aren't relegated to the garbage heap. I have a tough time trying to think of a project that I started that ended the way I imagined in the beginning.


Definition of begin 



play \-ˈgan\


play \-ˈgən\


  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1   :  to do the first part of an action :  go into the first part of a process :  start
  3. 2 a  :  to come into existence :  arise b  :  to have a starting point
  4. 3   :  to do or succeed in the least degree <I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am>
  5. transitive verb
  6. 1   :  to set about the activity of :  start
  7. 2 a  :  to bring into being :  found b  originate, invent

to begin with

  1. :  as the first thing to be considered

I like the "to come into existence" or the "to set about the activity of"

Level 15

There's an old idiom in the Marines, I cannot remember to whom it is attributed, or even the exact phrasing, but the general idea is that a bad plan now is better than a great plan later.

Now, there are a lot of faults to be found in that idea when applied to the corporate world and IT in general, but I think the meaning behind the concept is universal.

Don't sacrifice doing for thinking.

I have seen time and again HUGE delays in projects because of overthinking. I can personally drone on at great length about what could or might happen if ____; but in reality we are ultimately letting our avoidance of risk stop us from starting anything.

Level 12

To begin is the start to everything

Level 10

Everything has a beginning.

Everything you do has a beginning.

The beginning is exciting, its scary, its fear of the unknown or the delight of something different.

If you ever wanted to try something, but never did. Just begin. Wanting to begin is a beginning.

I'm reminded of the phrase "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Level 9

Begin the new year the way you want. Start setting goals and push for the year you want 2017 to be. BEGIN

Level 17

Sometimes the hardest step is the first.

Level 9

In the beginning, God made heaven and earth

Level 9

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Level 10

Let's begin again, trusting Him and not our feelings, let's leave the loneliness behind.

Take my heart and the, we can find a new beginning.

Let's begin again, while there's still time.

Level 10

The journey of a thousand steps begin with the first step.

Whatever plan, aspirations, desire you have in life, begin and take appropriate step towards actualizing it

Level 12

Let's begin with ourselves, what do you want to do next?

Begin again from where you missed it. It takes a lot to begin from scratch.

Level 10

Begin can be a very positive word. A strong word.

Be honest with yourself.

Enjoy the new beginnings life gives you

Give yourself more credit you are stronger then you are aware

Include humor and laughs, they help out a lot

Never doubt yourself and your abilities. If you have the drive, go for it!

Sometimes Begin can also be a very scary word. Beginning treatment for something, or beginning to address things in your life that you had been avoiding for so long.

The fact that you have taken that first step to begin improving yourself, or addressing that one thing, is a huge deal. Might feel like baby steps, but baby steps have a huge impact and meaning. It shows you're starting to move forward after you have begun. Do not let the beginning of something scare you, take it on as an adventure and turn it into your own story!

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Working as a computer professional since June of 1993. Earned a CNE in 1994 while at a VAR in Corpus Christi, moved to work for a VAR in San Antonio, TX in 1995 and moved to a bank IT staff in 1998. In 2020, I moved to an IT Security job at a larger Financial Institution.