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Day 22 - Object

I had received an object of complaint letters, stating that the object of the project had not been met and that as Project Manager, I had myself become the object of the failure. My immediate response was to object to the accusation, basing my objection on the fact that the complaint was predicated on false information and therefore the objective was not based on fact and this was an object lesson in how to waste people's time.

Being an English speaker from birth, the sentence above can be readily understood, but boy do you have to have sympathy for someone learning English as a second language. The sentence is an example of a homonym, where words are spelt the same and indeed sound the same, but have different meanings.

Objects are an integral part of everyone’s daily lives, as we are continuously interacting with objects to achieve our goals—for example, drinking our morning coffee out of an object suited to that purpose. In this case, a mug.

The pursuit of objects is also the foundation for much that is good and bad with humanity: in the past, currently, and certainly something that will remain in the long distant future. Conquests were very much based on objects, where wealth and position were attained from the acquisition of objects of desire, such as gold and jewels. Our society is still obsessed with collecting material objects, either for their perceived enhancement of one’s life or and for the status they bring.

In many dystopian novels and films, that materialism is the foundation for all that is bleak and undesirable about that society. The reverse is also manifestly true, where inequality is a thing of the past—a futuristic society where money and objects are replaced by knowledge, achievements, and experiences.

I know where I would rather have the future takes us: a life where happiness is not based on what we own or how it compares to others, and where our passions and drives are not dictated to by what we can buy or acquire.

We are all guilty of this approach to life, especially with Christmas just around the corner. I ask that you give some thought as to whether your life will be enhanced by whatever the number-one gift will be this year, or by finding an activity or holiday that will create memories for you and your family.

Level 12

Object: a material thing that can be seen and touched:

Object: say something to express one's disapproval of or disagreement with something

Level 14

Got to love the English language.  I've spent 50+ years learning it and still get caught out.  However, it does make it a lot easier to learn other languages (spoken and programming).

Don't read on if you don't like swearing.

Reminds me of a great Joey Dunlop statement (the greatest road racing motorcyclist ever).  He had broken down in a race at the Isle of Man TT and was asked what was wrong.  He replied (you will have to work it out because it is all expletives and I have hopefully and appropriately left out some of the letters)  F*** me, the F***ing F***er's F***ing F***ed.  Explained the problem perfectly.  I have it on a T-shirt.

Level 10

The moment a person forms a theory,
his imagination sees in every object
only the traits which favor that theory.
- Thomas Jefferson

Level 10

I love these words that have two meanings and pronunciations.  The first thing I thought of is a court case where some yells out "I object!"


Due to recently moving out of a shared apartment into my own place, I have had to acquire a fair few objects that were taken for granted in my previous place. It's the little things; potato peelers, mashers, various cooking utensils, dust pans.

Counter to that, it's also a good opportunity to clean up a lot of objects I no longer need. I've had some stuff in storage that I haven't looked at in over a year. I've got boxes from the move that I still haven't bothered re-opening. Do I really need that "stuff" anymore?


When I saw the title of today's post, my first thought was which spelling / definition will be used.  I was leaning toward the noun being that the words are IT based, therefore I was thinking programming.

We as a society are often judged by the number and value or our objects.  Some seek to obtain such items in order to raise their social status.  Others seek to provide objects to others.  If I am being honest, I would say that I'm in the middle.  I like nice stuff, but I also like giving stuff.  Christmas is one of my favorite times of year as I enjoy the giving more than receiving.

If anyone states otherwise, then I object.  😄

Level 10

Level 10

Calvin:  What's wrong with you, fish?   Why won't you eat this big, fat, juicy worm?  Besides the obvious, I mean.  Boy, I hate fishing. This is so boring.  Look, I can see a whole bunch of fish down there, but they're not biting!  Lousy fish!  By golly, I'm not going to sit here all day waiting for them to get hungry!  Here, help me carry this rock.  We'll dump it in the water and blast the fish out.  Then we can just pick 'em up.  Heave!  Ok, it was a bad idea!  But I got wet too, right?  Hobbes:  No, no, your idea was fine!  We just didn't throw in a big enough object!          

Level 21

It makes me wonder if our obsession or attachment to objects is part of basic human behavior or a learned behavior?  I want to say at least part of it is a basic human behavior because if you look at monkeys, you can trap them using shiny objects because they will refuse to let go and I can't imagine that is a learned behavior.

Level 11

Image result for object comic

Level 12

Object doesn't really bring much to my mind today. My front stairs are the object of my anger and frustration today as they tried to assassinate me on my way to work.

I have many objects laying around my house, most of which I rarely ever use.

Just about anything can be an object, including non-physical things such as data.

Eh, I think that is all I have for my randomness today related to objects.

Level 10

When the object was objectified, I made it my objective to object to the objectification of the object.
My objection was subject to my objectivity and the objectified object was objectively subject to objective objections.


Level 9

"Objects are an integral part of everyone’s daily lives"  -Mark Roberts

Object vs Objective vs Objection

Many uses and challenges come from the use of those three words.

Life is never easy and never will be, in IT you'll find yourself stating those three words in a sentence whether you say them out loud or not.

Level 13

Objectively, I think most of us intuitively know that more objects (or whatever the object of our desire is at the moment anyway) won't necessarily make us any happier than we are now, but in reality the practice of trying to be less "object oriented" is much harder than we think it will be.

“After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but is often true.”

Level 11

As byrona​ mentioned, there is a tendency for us to get so much attached to objects and we often misuse them when we misunderstand their value.

My Wife is the object of my affections,

She will not object to me saying that,

My daughter likes to create objects she calls art,

I hope my banks secures all its objects in the database,

Fun word to play with, but I agree, if you have to learn english good luck.  I always tell people I speak American so if they don't understand me I can say, I am still working on my English.   Its my object lesson for that day, LOL...

I recommend reading Poul Anderson's short SF story "My Object All Sublime."

Then check out the same in The Mikado--VERY different takes on that phrase.

How to know the status of your Object Expressions:



As we become more globally aware, and as we attempt to achieve more fair, uniform treatment for all people, hopefully the result will be a society that no longer treats people as objects based on gender or thoughts processes or abilities or physical characteristics.  Pigeon holing people through treating & classifying them as objects is particularly efficient at getting things wrong.  Let's avoid that.

That object is the object of my attention, and I object to how it's been objectified.

And last:  there are sufficient "object" memes.  No more are required.



Fun Fact: The brain is the only object to name itself. As for the English language.. why do we drive on parkways and park in driveways? To, two, too. It's such a silly language.

The object. It's physical. We can put our hands on it. See it and know its there. The absence of an object leaves us lacking. Many of us spend our lifetime, for better or worse, in pursuit of certain objects. Objects can be iconic and held in the highest regard. They can also be holy and religious which change the course of history. What is it about objects that hold so much power? I don't know. I am not that smart. Anyway, it's just a lamp...

Level 12

I object to being labeled an object of objectionable circumstances.

Level 11

Some (perhaps including my wife) might object to my objectifying things I’d like to have.

I'd love to buy some nice stereo gear - haven't bought any in 25 years, and never filled out my system to start with. It would be great to have a small IT lab somewhere at home, though I can't fathom where it could fit. I've been pining for the object of my automotive affection -- a nice crossed-flag bearing beastie -- since long before I could drive. The re-emergence of the Stingray and Grand Sport, the recent announcement of the new ZR1 (755 ponies on tap!) and the looming mid-engine 'Vette have only fanned those flames.

I know I cannot afford a Corvette in any trim. Somehow, that just makes me objectify the cars as some sort of ideal even more.

Champagne tastes and a beer budget. It does not just apply to sportscars over which one might drool a gallon or two. As humans, we make something the object of our affection. It could be a new PC or tech gadget. It might be really nice cookware (All-Clad, anyone?) or kitchen knives. We put the object of our affection on a high perch and try to obtain it, even when it should remain out of reach.

There is always one thing that we objectify and place on a pedestal that can get us into huge trouble: another person.

What did I see?

Fool that I was

A goddess, with wings on her heels

All my illusions

Projected on her

The ideal, that I wanted to see

   -- Rush, Halo Effect

We’ve all had a crush on someone at some point in our lives. We all know the ways that kind of objectification can lead. If you’re really lucky, you wound up with that person for a spouse. More likely, you never met, did something embarrassing, or were rejected. We must be especially careful if we have put someone on a pedestal and projected our illusions on them, lest we make a mistake that damages the objects of our affection, ourselves, or both.

Level 15

Our society is still obsessed with collecting material objects, either for their perceived enhancement of one’s life or and for the status they bring

True words. We (my family and I) try to be mindful of this and live mainly excess-free. However it's unfortunately in the human nature to covet, and we slip up from time to time.

One thing we have done is to engage in our local group of the Buy Nothing Project. We strongly believe in setting an example of community and caring for our children, and removing a monetary benefit from helping others with donations of our unwanted objects has been a hugely rewarding experience for us all.

Level 10

I think my go-to derivative of object is objective; to approach a situation or circumstance with no personal leanings and to look at it for what it is.

This combined with Occam's Razor (my second favourite) is my basis for approaching troubleshooting.

Level 9

This echos what other have said about material objects, but with Christmas around the corner, my family has stopped exchanging objects and started gifting time. Time spent together or in the service of something greater than self. It is a lofty idea, but it is our first year. I hope we can make it a tradition that will stick.

Thank you, Moderators and Thwack members, for keeping this forum professional and pleasant!

Level 10

I'd object to the object at hand, but the object has left, so there was nothing to object to. So please do not object to my lack of objecting.

Level 9

It's to easy to get caught in the materialistic ways of today's society. I want this, I want that. I can't have this object because it isn't name brand. I have to have this years object, last years is slow now. Why aren't things built to last anymore?

Level 9

Am I too late to object to being the object of objection objectively objectified by all you other objects? If so, then I OBJECT!


As it happens no you're not too late, but I object to your objection.

Level 9

The object of my desire used to be any thingamajig I could use for woodworking.

Perhaps because I am traveling and am reading this on my phone, but I didn't see a mention of OOP, Object oriented programming. You know like ADA or Powershell? Where objects have properties/attributes and methods. You manipulate objects be creating a new instance, which inherits from its class certain attributes and methods. I first started programming with objects in the early 90's at graduate school.


I've worked in environments were IT thought it's job was to object to every request - the answer is no unless you can force the issue or prove your case. It functions, and is likely more secure, but the environment isn't as pleasant and turnover is greater. In the better environments the object is to respond with Yes and find ways to make the customer happy and maintain security. The second environment takes more work and effort, but in the long run it creates a better working situation, happier coworkers and better staff retention.

I live in an environment which has some similarities to tallyrich​; I simply cannot agree with the no response to everything, though. I've noticed that my coworkers are realizing that we don't need to object to everything as they are seeing how much easier things are when you actually try to work with folks.

Meanwhile, the object of my desire has always been realized and it's never been something I had to define. All I have ever cared about doing in life is things I enjoy - an entirely hedonistic approach to life. I simply do what makes me happy (including making the people I care about happy); and personally, so should everyone else. If a gift makes you happy, buy it. If a gift doesn't make you happy, don't. Some people dwell too much on being materialistic and/or spoiled. I find it tends to feel better to define life by an experience rather than an object, but that's me. Not everyone has to be that way.

Level 12


Level 9

I am attracted to fancy objects, would you call me materialistic???

Level 12

Active Directory Objects include: Users, computers, groups, etc. Are these objects are required to be selected during installation.

Level 20

OOD, OOA, OOP, object oriented has become a major part of current development efforts across the land!

Level 12

objects, items, call them what you want. i like gadgets.

Level 10


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