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Day 20 - Inheritance

Level 10

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 6.00.47 PM.png

My parents – and my in-laws – like to tell us they’re cruising away our inheritance. Which is pretty much true.

But truer than that is the gift of so many memories. Last year, I wrote about love and cooking. Much of the time for me, these words are synonymous, though not exclusive. So many lessons of love were learned in my parents’ kitchen, and whether my children realize it or not, the lessons I offer them in my own kitchen are gifts of love – and down payments of their future inheritance.

I was reminded of this last night when my Dad emailed me, because he’d forgotten we recently changed our phone numbers to the Austin area code… while he and Mom were on a cruise, as it happens, spending our inheritance, of course.

Dad needed my Grandma’s peanut butter cookie recipe. Now, the context here is that Dad was calling from his sister’s house. Calling for their mother’s recipe. Which neither of them had.

I had to text my youngest brother to relay that I was evidently now the Keeper of All Family Recipes. Guardian of the Recipe Cards. The Recipe-ient. Top Chef?

I’m not sure exactly at what point all of these duties transitioned to me, but now my recipe box is evidently the Master. So I dug out my transcription of Grandma’s recipe [whatever has befallen the original???] and relayed the recipe to him so they could make the same cookies their Mom always made them.

I needn’t fear an estate tax. I have no land heading my way, nor titles, nor boxes of jewels. I have a greater chance of inheriting decluttering work than anything else, but I also have a wealth of love notes in the form of my family’s recipes. Most of which are already in my recipe box, but clearly many more to be gathered, not unlike the monks of yore copying ancient texts to prevent them from slipping into oblivion.

So while they aren’t anything revolutionary, I bequeath to you all one recipe, always made with love, by my Grandma, my Dad, and now by me.

Grandma Hamlin’s Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup white sugar

1 cup brown sugar

1 scant cup shortening

1/4 tsp. salt

3 cups flour

1 cup peanut butter

2 eggs

2 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. vanilla

Blend together sugars, shortening, salt, peanut butter, eggs, baking soda, and vanilla. Add flour and form into about 1” balls. Press down with fork tines, making a hash #. Bake at 375° for 10 minutes.

May you inherit memories a-plenty from your family, and may you pass them down like the finest of jewels.

What will your inheritance be? And what will those who come after you inherit from you?

Image credit: Saveur Magazine. Not even gonna Sarah Sanders you - I didn't make these cookies, but mine look basically just like this, as does essentially everyone else's.

Level 14

Just waiting for my parents to die to get mine.  Just kidding.  I hope they spend it all on themselves as they deserve it after working all their lives to bring up three kids.  My inheritance will be a great start in life and continued support throughout it, great memories and, hopefully, people think I turned out OK.  

Level 10

There's a Life of Brian joke in here somewhere, something to do with the meek being the problem... I'll work on it and get back to you.

My family are low- to mid-key hoarders, my Nanna especially. Clearing her house out was the work of an army for weeks. The amount of rubbish we carted out was incredible. My first car came from that, and I didn't have to buy any furniture until after getting married several years later. And we joke about it now, her name has become a fond by-word for stashing things in the attic (and wrapping presents in an entire roll of brown sellotape, different story). However, I'm certain she could have pointed to each item and told it's story.

My wife's family is essentially the opposite; memories not possessions (and if you threw something away that you needed later, buy another) which makes for an interesting experience in life, but it also means what will be inherited from me (besides the myriad computer bits) will be only the best of the most sentimental; the items that survive the years and the many scourges of our storage and house-moves.

Level 10

The best inheritance you can give the next generation is to invest in them so that they can fish themselves rather than waiting for the leftovers of your own fishing exploit.


I'm part of a large family so any inheritance would be negligible once split up so it's not something I've ever really thought about from that perspective.

I'm somewhat more concerned about what the next generation, and the generations after that, are going to inherit from us. Political instability, climate change, economic instability, growing debt among young adults, etc. But that's a debate best left off here!

Level 12

Inheritance is not all financial it is what you have gained and what has been passed down to you from your parents, Its you behavior, characteristics, and mannerism.

Level 11

Psalm 47:4 He shall choose our inheritance for us, the excellency of Jacob whom he loved. Selah.

Level 9

The best inheritance comes from the knowledge passed down by my parents and grandparents.  Their ethics and values are worth more than any amount of money.  They made me who I am and I am all the better for it.

Level 14

My wife and I sacrificed to put all three of our children through college and private high school. We now have the opportunity to do things for ourselves  They are all grown, married, have successful careers and I have 4 grandchildren (and more we hope), we did pretty good!

We joke that we are spending their inheritance now. Seriously, I hope that what I inherited from my family (work ethic, family first and being generous of my time and talent, as well as the family stories) is what my children take forward. These are the important things, and I manage the same way.

Something a bit more biblical,


Laws on this subject were well considered and well defined, their main object being to prevent estates passing from one family to another. The owners in any one generation had only limited rights. They could let on lease till the next year of Jubilee, but in that year all leases were to terminate and all land and houses, except in walled towns, were to revert to the family of the original holder. When a man died, his eldest son took a double portion, twice as much as any other son (Deut. 21:17). (See Firstborn.) In later times a man was allowed to dispose of his property by will in any way he liked; but a will that expressly disinherited any son was invalid. Unmarried daughters, on the death of their father, were entitled to maintenance until married, at their brothers’ expense. A widow kept her dowry and had the right to residence and maintenance in her late husband’s house.

Genesis 48:6

6 And thy issue, which thou begettest after them, shall be thine, and shall be called after the name of their brethren in their inheritance.

Sourced from

I was the recipient of an inheritance when my father died when i was 9 and then again a portion of his from when his father my grand father died 3 years following.   My dad left us 4 kids, me and 3 half siblings a cool 6K each, and  my Grandfather was each received 9K.  The numbers are not staggering to some but to a 9 and then 12 year old that money was put in to a college fund, which later helped me with a car, college and a new drum set.   hindsight being what it is, the drums were not the smartest purchase.  It also funded my first wedding, yes I've been married more than once.   I am no sunshine all the time....

That seeming small inheritance to some, changed my life and I am forever grateful for it.   Albeit i would have much rather had more time with both of them over any dollar figure.


Agreed - This very much leads back to other words this month. I hope my legacy to my children will be through riches not of the financial type. I have already told them I will help them through life, but I intend to spend mine and my wifes money on our lives and their lives while we are with them, whatever is left they can have (being 7 and 10 this was mostly a one way conversation). I consider my success and legacy as a parent to be how my children behave with themselves and others. Success is not measured in how much you have in the bank, especially when you die

Level 15

firstly, those cookies are literally hashtag cookies #Cookies

from a SolarWinds perspective, I would say inheritance is HUGE in our industry. from my time as a consultant/trainer, I would roughly estimate well over 80% of the recipients of professional services and training are admins who inherited their SolarWinds implementation from another admin who left the company and/or neglected their duties as the SolarWinds "guru".

It's interesting to see, from the outside, how neglect can ruin an inheritance. I'm sure this echoes in life as well.

Level 9

inheritance - passing on your knowledge to others.

Level 9

My mother and step-father put in a pool this past summer and my father recently purchased a new house. So the inheritance from my parents will likely be not much, not that I am complaining. My parents are living happy lives and that's what is important. My mother always likes to say her inheritance to her kids is getting us to heaven, and my father likes to say I'm glad you kids have good jobs because you can take care of me when I'm old. lol

Inheritance also makes me think about my last job. I inherited a network that was built in the early 90's using a bus topology, most of the servers were on their last leg, the user PC's and other tech was out of date and in need of replacing, and administration was pushing a 1:1 Chromebook/iPad initiative even though there was barely a WiFi network. Needless to say I inherited a challenge. It really tested me, strengthened my backbone. I really had to pull up my bootstraps and get working. My mentality was that when I leave, my inheritance to the next person will not be what I inherited.

Level 13

Money and Memories....  Those our the inheritance we pass down to our children.  Ok I am going to spend my child's inheritance but she has some great memories.

Level 9

Thank you for the cookie recipe!  Inheritance is a term reminds me of file permissions and sub-folders that can be set to inherit the permissions from the parent folder.  Like many words used in technology, I can see how the term was inherited from it's standard dictionary meaning and applied to a technical process with a similar function.  

Level 10

I also come from a large family.  Dad is a sarcastic joker (which we have all inherited) and the biggest "fun" between us kids is replacing the current picture in the "Daddy's favorite" picture frame with a picture of our self.  Dad has told me that he loves me best and my inheritance will be his treasured boxes of old Field and Stream magazines.  I'm sure (wink, wink), that he has NOT said this to any of my siblings....

Level 9

My inheritance from my parents is that to be grateful for what you have and don't worry about what you don't have, but if you want something "work at it" and whatever "it" is will be within your reach.

Wow, jennebarbour​, you and my wife could be sisters from another mister!  She has all of her mom's (and others') recipes, and sure enough - especially this time of year - a niece or her sister-in-law will call up and say, "Do you have the recipe for such and such cookies?"  Of course, she spends a brief moment grumbling the same grumble of "Why am I the keeper of all the family's information?"...and then texts her relative with the requested data.  And we won't go into the whole "food is love" discussion...;-)

As far as "Inheritance", as it relates to IT and as others have alluded to, I have to bring up all the systems that are "inherited" when one comes aboard a company.  As I'm sure happens more often than not, you get some "hot-shot" person, who THINKS they know everything*, that builds some fancy-dancy spreadsheet or database that a bunch of people use...but since that person left the company 10 years ago and didn't bother to document ANY of the details of the system, now you have to get in a figure out how it works.  Not that I am complaining, mind you, just making an observation.  It is actually fun sometimes to reverse engineer things that people have put together and see what logic (or not) went into their creation.

*I have a saying that applies in those cases: "Those of you who THINK you know everything are REALLY annoying to those of us who do!"  😉

Happy Holidays, all!

Community Manager
Community Manager

My family is also cruising away our inheritance.  If you ask my wife, she only wants one thing in my parents' will... my Dad's 1997 Ford F150 Pickup.

Level 10

Inheritance, in both the real world and the computer world, can get complicated. There always seems to be that 4th cousin, twice removed, who you never heard of, who seems to get your grandmother's heirloom necklace, or in the computer world, gets admin rights to the server. In both cases, the only thing you can do is remove access as fast as possible*.

*Just to be clear, I'm not advocating violence on any relatives, who get what you should have received. Though if you give them the wrong location for the will reading, and they never find out what they were supposed to get.....

Level 21

Inheritance can be a double edged sword, you can certainly inherit things you want be it tangible things, valuable things, or knowledge but you can also inherit things you don't want such as debt or bad knowledge that can lead you down the wrong path.  I think it's important that we be mindful of what we are passing down to our children and the next generation.  We want to put them in an even better position than we were in and set them up for success so they can do the same for the next.  Ultimately each generation should be setup to build on the success of the previous creating a continuous improvement process.

Level 11

Image result for inheritance

My kid needs this on his wall.

Inheriting assets from deceased relatives was a big problem for one half of my family, where there were sixteen children.  Many unhappy feelings and squabbles were created when their mother passed away, and the will left many children out of inheriting property, money, and items that either had monetary or emotional value.

I prefer to focus on network security when I hear "inherit" or "inheritance", but that's because I spent a lot of time tweaking security back in the days of the old Novell Inherited Rights Mask.


Inherited rights to files and directories is a powerful  time saver, and a risky venture to initiate if you aren't very familiar with the process AND with the needs of the users.  Not to mention the security needs of the files & folders!

I know I have a particularly excessive inheritance in the wings for when my parents/my wife's parents pass away. But what I realized is, it's not important! I want to make my own inheritance now, for me, so that I don't need the one I'm going to be given. I realized that inheritance is not what you're given, it's what you earn. Instead of having a goal of giving things to my daughter in the future, I'd like for her to learn how to inherit from me the ability to be self sustaining in all ways.

Level 9


Unless my parents are stashing away money without my knowing it, I don't foresee an inheritance of money.  And hopefully, I have plenty of time before I pass down an inheritance to my children, but short of winning the lottery, they shouldn't hold their breath.  However, in both cases, the greatest inheritance that I have received and hope to pass down is knowledge.  My mother raised my sister and I on her own, teaching us what hard work was all about.  She instilled in us the importance of family and education.  These are the things that I hope to pass on to my kids.  Regardless of what I can give them monetarily, I hope that they will learn the necessary skills to help them succeed.

designerfx​, I am so glad to hear you say that you don't need the inheritance you will be given.  My wife is in the financial services industry and has seen where kids think they are getting a nice big, fat, juicy check when their parents die...only to find that wills and trusts have been changed and they now get bupkis.  It's a rude awakening but for those who see that it's not what you're bequeathed it's what's you earn (and who you are) that are the greatest "inheritances", life becomes a joy.

Level 14

I am currently spending my children's inheritance.

Level 16

Those appear to be Venezuelan Bolivars, I have a closet full also, worth $2 US.

Inheritance, what a clever word. The things we Inherit. I was blessed with parents who were frugal and who planned for the future. My two brothers and I have inherited some nice things as a result and I do cherish and value them.

However, what has served me better throughout my life are the personality traits that I inherited from both my parents.

  • My father's work ethic: During my wedding reception my Director at the time approached my mom, introduced herself, and said that she wanted to meet the mother of such a hard-working and dedicated employee. My mother scoffed and pointed straight to my dad as if it was all his fault.  🙂
  • Blue eyes: I got my baby blues from both parents. They have served me well over the years.  😉
  • My dad's short temper: There is much debate as to whether this is a positive or negative trait.
  • My dad's cliché Scottish Warrior/Poet empathetic passion for doing what's right. His poor upbringing, the horrors of war he witnessed firsthand, immigrating to the U.S. and witnessing the Civil Rights movement on TV and in our nation's capital all impressed upon him that doing the right thing isn't always doing the easy thing. And he impressed that upon his three sons.
  • My mom's sense of adventure: She left Australia to come here on a wing and a prayer. Her and her friend traveled from Alaska to South America in the late 50's in a VW Beetle before there were reliable roads and sometimes dodging revolutionaries along the way.

Sometimes the inheritance is obvious and stated. Sometimes the inheritance is inferred and even unwelcome. And sometimes inheritance just... happens and you didn't even realize it.

As always, be thankful for what you have.

Level 12

"Furthermore, because we are united with Christ, we have received an inheritance from God, for he chose us in advance, and he makes everything work out according to his plan."

Ephesians 1:11

Level 12

I try to leave my programs and settings in a matter where they can be easily decipherable by whoever inherits them after I'm gone.

I have never been lucky enough to have inherited anything in this way

Level 10

[I. Overture]

And the meek shall inherit the earth...


I know this comes from a Bible passage, however it shall ever be the prelude to the Temples of Syrinx in my mind, I here it and want to rock out.

Level 12

I will likely not inherit any money or much of anything else from my parents. They never had much, but they always made sure we had what we needed to get buy. I did inherit their willpower, and their sense of work ethic, and their good demeanor towards all people. I also inherited their horrible eye site, high blood pressure, my moms terrible hand writing (she was an RN), my dads terrible spelling, and just about all those other fun things like that!

Inheritance is more then just wealth and property, you can inherit a lot of things from both your bloodline, and those around you. I do my best to make sure I take in the good things and try to pass those on to others.

Like tinmann0715 I value my character traits more than the material goods. What I have of my grandmother's and great grandma's are in daily use and out in the open. What I have from my mom is her dogged stoicism under stress. You just do what you gotta do to make it thru.

Like you jennebarbour  my wife is the keeper of the family recipes. I just sent out another to her brother in Atlanta this week. Nieces and nephews get them all the time. So do other friends. She is a treasure trove of cooking history in her family. The other thing is her incredible memory. She shares a lot of family medical history because all of the great grandchildren want to know who had what and how frequently in the family things happened. We have heard from several of the nieces, it is mostly the women who ask, that they don't get the same level of information if anything from their own parents. So she shares what she knows about the genetic inheritance passed down thru her very large family.

Level 14

Now that brings back good memories.  A real server operating system.

Level 14

Great album. I saw them live once where they played the 2112 song as an encore .  Absolutely fantastic.  Concert went on so long I missed the last train and had to sleep in the station in full Metal regalia (cut off denim with patches etc.).

Level 17

Grandma always told me, 'You can't take it with you.' to which I reply, 'Live IT up!'

Level 10

Your traits and genes are also a matter of inheritance.

Level 11
And what will those who come after you inherit from you?

Hopefully a lot of life lessons, and money (shout out to Dave Ramsey).


What we receive from others can be good or bad - it's not the items, or the value of them, but what is done with them. I've known people to inherit a ton of money, only to go broke in short order. I've known people to inherit next to nothing and become very successful. Going back a day or so it comes down to character. The person with good character will take what he/she inherits and use to build and enhance their life and those around them. Through that real success comes. It's not measured in how much you have, where you live or your status, but in the legacy and character you leave and build in others.

Level 16

I gave my daughter her inheritance when turned 18 in the form of 8 years of pre-paid schooling - which she invested well in.

Level 9

Most of our traits are inherited from our Parents

Level 12

I will not not give up my Inheritance.

The permission Inheritance is from the parent object to the child object.

Level 20

Yep RUSH shows were all basically 3 hours of non stop musical perfection!!!  It's too bad Neil P. couldn't keep up with such amazing feats of drumming or they might still be touring today.

Level 20

Here's to hoping my inheritance is better without the death tax!


Level 12

Inheritance are treasures in form goods manners and wealth passed down to us by our parents.

Level 10