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Day 14: Rest

Level 8

No rest for the wicked.

No rest for the weary.

I’ll rest when I’m dead.

Imagine a fatigue so completely overwhelming that even washing one dish at the sink is unimaginable.  I’ve been living with chronic illness now for over 13 years.  Before being diagnosed, I was always on the go, never stopping to rest.  I’d work 2 or 3 jobs at a time, exercise in the early morning and even had a semblance of a social life. Being forced to rest made me angry.  I felt as if people were perceiving me as lazy.  In my mind, if I wasn’t productive, I wasn’t successful.  It took many years to release my frustrations and forgive. I no longer punish myself for taking rest.  It does means I will decline social invitations as needed and even leave events early.  When my body and mind say rest, I must comply. If there is one thing that chronic illness has taught me, it is to listen to your body.  It will tell you what it needs if you really listen.

“What is without periods of rest will not endure.” —Ovid

So, ask yourself, do you really need to get everything done on your list today?  Can you take time to rest and truly let yourself recover?  Taking the time to rest, not only has physical benefits, it helps you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In this frenetic world of technology and IT, your to-do list will always be long and never-ending. Put down the phone, unplug the television, close the computer, snuggle up and rest.  Gather fresh strength to tackle what lies ahead.  Your body will thank you for it.

“Rest and be thankful.” -- Wadsworth


US citizens do not take a lot of time for actual rest. Too many of the folks I know now, sleep not to rest but out of exhaustion from the day, they simply can't push anymore. It is difficult for me to be awake and not see a dozen or more things I can or should be doing right now. When I see charts like this I think, who has 5 hours in their day for sports, eating and drinking, and other? That time gets consumed by household and work activities.


It was not until I had traveled to abroad, to Europe, British Virgin Islands, and Mexico, that I began to understand and appreciate "La Dolce Far Niente."  Taking that concept to heart when on a break from normal life is truly what I think of when I think about resting. Taking pleasure in just sitting in ones backyard with no distractions and just observing what is going on. The bugs, the animals, the way the grass and trees move in the wind. Where I live now you can watch the weather move in and it can take an hour for that storm to get to you. For me knowing how to leave the rest of life behind, rest my head on the ground, and rest my mind by just being is truly a luxury not often acquired but highly desired.

But as Hamlet said - "The rest is silence."

Level 20

I definitely like to rest on the weekends so I'm ready for another week of hard work.

legoland​ - I empathize with your situation. My wife has discovered that rest is not her enemy but a friend. It has been a hard change for her dealing with a chronic health condition and just aging. She used to get really angry because she has to sit by and watch others work. Her friends and I joke with her that Oprah or Ellen could do a whole week of shows on her alone, one day a different topic. She is just a doer. If she takes a break and rest her hands, etc. she can still do most of the things she enjoys in life. She just can not do them as intensely or there will be consequences, some with long durations. Yet with adequate rest she still gets to enjoy her life.

Level 9

Rest is a requirement for us, otherwise we run out of steam or get stressed out and perform poorly. One must learn that the weekend and timeoff requires rest to restart the week. Heck sometimes even a 15 minute rest can rejuvenate you at work and make you work that much harder.

I think we have lost the art of standing still.  The art of being in the moment.

We are always on our smart phones, vegging out in front of the TV or being busy in our rest.

There is a need to remember how to sit and think, sit and talk or just sit.  Not in a lazy or lethargic way, but rather in one that refreshes and renews us.

Level 10

I like the unplug and curl up option. Resting is very important but it is usually forgotten or gets lost in the loudness of all the tech everyone is looking at in their lives.

Every day you could be staring at a computer while you work (in most cases anyway), or at your phone (got to check those emails, whats the latest news, did this group get up to anything new? What are the response to this and that ) eventually your body is going into, survival mode. You've been working constantly, stressing out, your body is on high alert-got to rush-got to get it done-run run run go go go go go goooooooooooooooooooooooooSTOP!

people forget to stop (I know I'm guilty of it).

Then eventually even your body is too tired after work to do much, nothing but zone out.

Need to give it some rest time so it comes back and calms down from the 'survival mode' rush.

I found that when I got home my hands were constantly moving, i couldn't keep my hands still, there was an urge to constantly wanting to move them, until...I realized...the hands constantly were looking for a keyboard!

to type type type type!

since that's what I do most of my work day. After work it was all -> type type something to type ? wheres the keyboard?

So I've been practicing ... REST.

Relax  -relax yourself, you don't need to rush all the time.

Enjoy -enjoy the relaxing time, find something you like doing, maybe pick up a puzzle or go grab your favorite book, do you like drawing? Go draw something.

Sleep -make sure you get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is not good for your body or the mind, go catch some zZzZzZzz's your body needs it.

Trust - trust in yourself. Listen for the hints that your mind and body are telling you, Rest is GOOD.

It's a good word, needs to be practiced more often.

Level 10

Rest is not a luxury, it is a necessity. And I do not take enough of it. I am actually home sick today as I type this. Second day in a row I am ill, though I was at work yesterday because there is too much to do. What I need to keep in mind is that work will always be there, no matter how many days I go in not feeling well. It would be better for me and my company to stay home and REST. I am going to going to lay on my couch for the rest of the day now. 🙂

Level 13


I think this is an accurate summation. Nobody needs to simply give up, just recharge their batteries so to speak.

I have a hard time resting because I was simply brought up in a way that never really encouraged it, so I work harder and harder until I nearly burn out and then rest sometimes - depending on what it is.

Level 9

Rest? What is this......

Level 12

there is no rest for the weary

Sometimes I just have to get up and walk away from my desk for a while and reset.

Level 12

Rest is something that has gotten harder and harder for me over the years. I find it hard to just sit still doing absolutely nothing at all. For me the best I can do to rest is to sit somewhere listening to music. I used to spend a lot of time outdoors camping and stuff like that when I was younger, but not so much anymore. Sleep is even harder for me to come by for various reasons. The biggest issue I have with sleep is getting my mind to turn off. My mind craves stimulation and information, and when it has neither, it starts going into random read mode pretty much. Getting a good nights sleep is important to be rested up, but if I get 5-6 hours of real sleep a night that is pretty good for me. As a result of that, I have found other ways to get "rest" while still being awake and relatively conscious. I play a lot of open world creative games in my spare time. Sometimes they can require a lot of interaction and thought to accomplish what I am working on. Most of the time though the tasks are pretty simple and almost trance inducing for me. I can easily spend a few hours in a game like that and come out on the other side feeling like it was 5 minuets, and feeling refreshed and ready to go. Everyone has their own ways to rest, finding what works best for you is important. And just because something was restful for you in the past, doesn't mean it will be in the present or the future.


*** Before someone gets "triggered" and upset - I am a Christian and speaking from that viewpoint - if you don't like it move on ***

I've been in IT longer than a lot you you have been alive so I've done my fair share of overtime, late nights, weekends etc. There have been more than a few 7+ day work weeks and not a few 24+ hour days. That said my life started taking much better balance and overall I am much more productive since I took a better view of what a Sabbath is. Not to debate Saturday/Sunday and all that I have made a habit of making sure I take a day of rest each week. It's not necessarily the same day of the week, but I do take a day off to avoid work for a day, worship and study.

Rest isn't just a luxury, but a necessity for the whole person.

Level 12

No rest for the intelleigent

Level 11

Rest to ensure that no one else in IT takes rest due to any outage or issues..

So rest to take rest so that you can start working more effectively and efficiently..

Rest, the elusive third leg of Good Health (Diet and exercise being the other two). Doctors and medical professionals claim that we need 8 hours of sleep a night. SO if you wake up at 6am everyday that means you should be asleep, ASLEEP, by 10pm. That usually means lights out by 9:30pm. Egads! It begs the question: Who is watching all of these latenight talk shows? People who are not getting enough sleep, that's who.

But are sleep and rest the same? Personally, I don't think so. Before kids when my wife would vacation we would vacation at full bore. By the time we got back to our hotel room we were exhausted and it was lights outs by10pm. There was no lounging around the pool sipping fruity drinks. And by the time vacation was over we were, in a sense, rested and recharged.

I, like many other working professionals do not get near enough sleep that I am supposed to and my body is paying the price. Rest is allowing the mental and physical parts of your life to take a break from its routine for a while to recharge. It's healthy, it's necessary.

Level 9

I hit a point with study or other high functioning activity when going on is just a waste of time. Sleep isn't always the thing to recharge, sometime it's getting a coffee or going for a walk.

Level 13

Rest -- Bah Humbug

"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known." --  Charles Dickens

Level 13


Level 10

Even a machine needs REST-art to recover it's strength and shows the ART of its performance..


Level 11

So, ask yourself, do you really need to get everything done on your list today?

Yes! I'm a list person...Okay, I guess the world will move on if I don't.

I know for me when I rest I feel like I am being unproductive - but I have to remind myself that it is healthy! Also, I applaud organizations that give out generous vacation time. They understand that "rest" can be just as important "work."

Level 10






One thing I thankfully learned quite awhile ago, and have been attempting to teach a colleague recently is that if you're job is overwhelming and there is always far more than 40 hours of work for you, and you're on salary, that your company will assume you are putting in 40 hours of work a week if everything is always getting done.  While they will probably appreciate the work you do, you need to take time to rest and let some of the work go so they will get the message that you're overworked and need help.  In his case its especially frustrating because with the tasks he's consumed with he's not taking time out to learn and be able to do things on his own, so he's stuck in a role he's not very happy with.

Now, while I'm not advocating taking off in a time of crisis when you're company needs you, if its always a crisis then there are other problems present and you should still take care of #1!

Level 14

Rest yourself

Clear your mind,

Soon your troubles

Are far behind.

Level 21

I work with a lot of people that never take the time to rest because they want to be more productive.  What they don't realize is that by not resting they are not working at full capacity and therefore overall being less efficient.  I work hard when I work but I also take the time to rest so that I am at my best when I am working. 


So often management encourages that "bad behavior" by rewarding/encouraging that get here early and leave late mentality.

Level 21

tallyrich​ I guess I never really thought about that but you are absolutely right!  They would be much better off encouraging their employees to work a little less as to have them be more productive during the hours they do work.

Level 15

I struggle heavily with this. I have an intrinsic drive to always be better than I was the day before and my brain has a hard time resting with any sort of technology available near me for reading or learning.

However, it has always been my personal escape to get out of civilization and go primitive-style in my camping and hunting trips. 0 technology outside of a lensatic compass and fire starting supplies. Past that, we (my circle of friends and I) eat what we can gather or capture and spend a few days jsut reconnecting with nature. It is generally hard work and not very comfortable at all, but I have always found it to be the most relaxing time of my life.

Trouble is finding time for that relaxing time!

Level 11

Not only physical, but mental rest as well. Take some time out to clear your busy thoughts and introduce some restful ones. Observe. Go to the park, or just the cafeteria, and just watch and observe the things around you. The plastic bench, or wooden table, or a scampering squirrel, or the way the wind rustles the leaves. A lot of us forget about life outside of the office or the home.

Level 17

Agreed. I make an effort to listen to what my body needs. When it needs rest, I rest. That doesn't mean sleep. Sometimes it means to lay in a dark and quiet room in a meditative state. But then there are times after I work an event for a week and take a red-eye flight home that I do sleep for the next day. I always feel behind on projects and assignments, but I also know that I am much more productive when I can rest as my body needs.

Level 8

In order be at peace with yourself, you need to have to to rest

Level 10

I have been eagerly awaiting my days of this holiday, cause I need just that, a rest, a break.  I have has many jobs in the past that allowed me to, at least periodically work from home.  This has helped me do some mini 'recharges' as I go through the work weeks/months/years.  Where I am currently, my manager is extremely remote work adverse.  It makes these rest moments so hard to come by and means I have to burn actual time off to get them.  So having these free days off is so nice to get a moments rest. To hang out at home, spend some time in my kitchen, cuddle with my kitties and just generally take a breather. Can't wait for the first holiday of 2017. 🙂

Level 8





Level 9

Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee

Level 9

Rest contently, unshaken by trouble.

Level 10

Always rest when you are tired. A tired heart needs to rest even when there is no time.

There is no rest for the wicked.

Level 10

Rest is inevitable, either you give your body the needed rest or your body will demand the rest.

One is better than the other, do no wait for your body to demand the much needed rest.

Level 9


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