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DAY 29: Return

Product Manager
Product Manager


          I couldn’t think of anything to write about the word return.  Then, I started thinking about the meaning of return, and how that would mean you once had to have something to use the word return.  Even on a keyboard, you use the return key to move to the next row to start a beginning or a continuation of a words or thoughts.  So I do, in fact, have some words for this word return.

         Personally, I have been looking for a pool table that my dad had in his house since I could ever remember.  Not just any pool table you’d find anywhere.  This was, in fact, a 1901 Brunswick Newport pool table my dad played on in a pool hall in Yale, OK when he was a child.  A focal point in our living room and a pride symbol for my father.

         My dad purchased this in 1975 when the building it was in became condemned.  Yes, he was able to buy his childhood memories and told stories of this all my life.  As a young girl, they were boring stories and repetitive.  He became sick with a blood cancer and before he passed away he had it recovered and played three games on this table, and they were the happiest we saw in almost a year.  To say the least, that memory is not replaceable.

         February 22nd, 2013 my father passed away.  In the mess of things being auctioned and my mother having to pay bills, she lost the pool table.  That bothered me for years.  I started calling every place I could think of to find this pool table.  I finally found this table a few days ago.  (They are literally setting it up right now)  So in a weird way, I, myself, bought back my memories just like my father.

         Return is what I accomplished today.  A way to continue my father’s, my children’s, and my memories with this table.  This pool tables return is completing a circle and a sense of respect to my dad that I now understand. 

         It’s funny when we are little how much we take in from our parents but never understand the magnitude until we are older.  I’ve fought and never gave up on that table, just like my dad.  Now it’s here with me again, and the memories of dancing on top of it as a child with him including my girls are flooding back in.  The memories of all the parties and of him being an entertainer extraordinaire will carry out as long as I live.  Then I hope it will return to my children to begin even more.

         I’m a little teary-eyed indeed with this word, return.  To me, this is the best darn word I could have been given, for today.

~Dez ~

Level 11

Return something back to the world and god that gave you so many things

Return in terms of knowledge, gift, money, food to whoever are in need accordingly

its not fair if you have something more but not have the heart to share it with others especially the needy ones.


Wow Dez​ what a wonderful story. My kids have told me many a time about the things that they hated growing up and now that they are adults what it means to them. Throughout this series I've mentioned, as many others have, that things aren't as important as we think that they are. But when a thing holds such strong memories they become more important than the thing itself - I dare say you would feel the same way if the "thing" were a dart board, or some other item that brought him happiness and you that memory.

To what do we ultimately return in this world - memories. We hold onto them and they form us. If we hold onto the bad memories it makes us bitter and unpleasant, but when we hold onto the good memories everything has a silver lining and we become more positive.

So, return to those things that make you better, those things that make you positive and those things that make you pleasant - because we best return to our provider when we pass along to those around us.

Level 11

So many of you know, I am a geezer in computer terms.  Grew up in the 60s/70 playing on the Control Data mainframe system called PLATO that was probably the first networked gaming system.  Checkers, chess, 3D chess, Othello, Dungeon Explorer, Star Fleet Battles, all interactive multiplayer with tournament rankings, played over 1200 baud modem with carrier coupling.  High tech! I wrote my first program on punch card but bought a Commodore 64 as my first PC. In those days any program code you got had to be typed from scratch.  Most everyone learned to program and had to be familiar with ASC II code because often you had to send them embedded in your code, especially if you were learning machine code (hexadecimal hell).

Many have forgotten what we went through back them, thanks to BIOS and the built in character interpreters that have been standard for 25+ years.  Here is to ASCII code

Binary - 00001101        Decimal - 13      Hex  -  00D      CHAR - CR              Code Name - Carriage Return

Want more nerdiness??  Check these out (my blog)

Great story Dez​.

In a similar story, not as personal to me but to my family.   My grandfather was a crafty man.  He lived many lives, and although i am a mere 43 years old believe it or not my grandfather was born in 1892, that is not a typo, yes the 19th century.   He did many things for all of us.  I was born when my father was 51 so that might help you wrap your head around that birth year.  At one point in Illinois, my grandfather from here forth know as "Pop" sold ford cards, in fact had the first dealership in his area in central Illinois.   He didn't have it long as he served in the military and raised a family but did managed to sell a few cars.  He was a true patriarch and lead by a great example.   My family has been big in to genealogy for a long time.  So they got to digging for that original ford he sold.   As it happened it was still in Illinois.  it took about $20,000 to acquire the car and another sum about as much to restore it, wood spoke wheels and all.  Since that time my aunt who is not the only living child of Pop's kids, has the car in her garage.   Its awesome to be able to be close to someone in memory especially when you can literally touch and feel something they have contact with. 

Returning to my roots is something i find fascinating, yet something I do not do a frequently as i should.  We need to remember to return home and find our roots.  Learn where you come from and how you became well, you.

I like to also think of return and a refresh, much like the keyboard, when you press return you get a new line, a new starting point.   So when we return we can look at it as an opportunity to start something clean and new, and not going backwards, but forward in a familiar place.

Level 12

Return to simplicity.

Level 10


Level 9

Many happy returns.....

Level 12

Now return to the LORD your God, For He is gracious and compassionate, Slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness And relenting of evil.

Joel 2:13

Level 12


You and me have similar backgrounds. My dad was 48 when I was born and I was the youngest of three boys. I am 46 now and with 2 young children and I don't know how he did it (Well yea, I do, but that is a different story). My dad was the 2nd youngest of 13 born in Scotland. My grandfather was also born in the late 1800's and died in the 1920's. My mom was 42 when I was born and she grew up the youngest of 7 in Australia. Needless to say I had a interesting childhood being raised in the US.

Imagine how Mick Jagger's newest arrival must feel. He is already a great uncle.

Wow Dez​. Powerful stuff. Thank you for sharing that story with all of us. 🙂

"Return" is a hard word to decipher because its meaning implies there was an absence. And the descriptions of the word will be spent on the significance of the absence instead. That is natural and it helps us understand the meaning of the return.

I look forward to the day when things return to normal, whatever "normal" may be.

Level 11

I did a return of a Christmas gift, why would you buy Star Wars in anything but blu-ray.

Level 15

In the same thread as a lot of the other words this month, "return" has me thinking about wandering (maybe I'm overdue for a walkabout?)

To wander away from our chosen path, or direction, is nice sometimes. But we must be mindful to not lose ourselves our our motivations and always return back to a level-set.

Apparently "M-i-c-k" is a forbidden word?

Level 11

Return can have so many meanings. It's in the context: to what is one returning: one's roots, self, memories, good troubleshooting methodology?

The one that popped right into my head was the Jewish concept of תשובה (Teshuvah), literally, "return." Most often thought of around Rosh Hashana and especially Yom Kippur, it is often colloquially used to imply 'atonement'. It is actually the process of returning to the ways in which we claim to aspire to live -- a return to G-d's ways.

Level 11

When I heard the word "return", the first meaning that comes to mind is REWARD. We all love receiving our due reward from whatever we put our efforts into. RETURN also reminds of yesterday's word, because whatever we GIVE has a RETURN, whether here on earth or the great beyond.

Level 15


Level 14

Dez​, thank you for sharing.

I long to return

To the days of yore,

Before PC behavior

Made life a chore.

When, to be who you are

And say what you think,

Didn’t put so many

Lives on the brink.

So lighten up

And thicken your skin,

Don’t be so offended

And lower the din.

Embrace our differences

And love one another,

Deep down inside

We're all sisters and brothers.

Level 10

Return is one of my favorite words. I couldn't imagine a world where I couldn't return to my wife and kids after a long trip. And most of all, my income tax favorite time of the year. 🙂

Level 13

Return is part and parcel of life. Remembering to return favours, return to your roots and where you come from, and return/reciprocate love and affection.

Returning strengthens your soul, and can make you smile on days where you are having a difficult time finding something to smile at.

Don't believe me? Next time your children or your wife hugs you, don't return the hug, see what that gets you. Conversely, when they give you a hug, squeeze back tightly, wrapping your arms around them as far as they go, lifting them up a little (or a lot, depending on size differences)...

Level 12

Return. Hmm. Not really sure what to write about this one. In definition it means to go back to a point. I guess we all return to where we came from, nothing. Right now a lot of people want to return to a more prosperous time or a more peaceful time in the world. I just want to return home from work each day to relax and unwind

I saw you post about this pool table Dez​ but I never knew all of the backstory!

I like the concept of "return to memories", or returning memories to yourself. I think of it like a walk down memory lane, something everyone could benefit from, for their own sake.

We should not return to our folly.

We should however return good, even towards those who do not deserve it.

Return:  Verb:

  • to go or come back, as to a former place, position, or state
  • to revert to a former owner
  • to put, bring, take, give, or send back to the original place, position
  • to send or give back in reciprocation, recompense, or requital

But I prefer the song made popular by Elvis Presley:

Return to sender, return to sender

I gave a letter to the postman, he put it his sack
Bright in early next morning, he brought my letter back

She wrote upon it
"Return to sender, address unknown
No such number, no such zone"

We had a quarrel, a lover's spat
I write "I'm sorry" but my letter keeps coming back

So then I dropped it in the mailbox and sent it special D
Bright in early next morning it came right back to me

She wrote upon it
"Return to sender, address unknown
No such person, no such zone"

This time I'm gonna take it myself and put it right in her hand
And if it comes back the very next day then I'll understand

The writing on it
Return to sender, address unknown
No such number, no such zone

Return to sender, return to sender
Return to sender, return to sender

Level 12

In my words, Return means we have to give something back to the world, of what we have earned. It can be in any form which would help others. For example, helping the needy, blessings, kind words, appreciation, making others happy, etc.

Level 9

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered." Nelson Mandela.Jun 7, 2009

Level 9

Remember to return what your parents provided you. I know growing up I took everything for granted and especially my parents. You think you get nothing in return for being with them and hanging out until you lose one at a young age.

I remember I was suppose to go on a hunting trip with my dad in 2009, but for some reason being a stupid young kid I decided I would rather hang with friends. Then a year later we planned another and I was set to go this time! Well my father passed away 5 months before the trip. Now I didn't get the trip with him or to do things I wanted with him.

Don't always do things just for yourself, do them for others as well. The return of love you get for each other will be better than anything and the MEMORIES you could keep forever is more a return than anything you could hope for. The return side I received was the guilt I held on myself for a few years until I finally let myself go of it last year. Return you feelings to others, don't let it be one way!

I was lucky that the hunting trip in 2010 I was set to go alone on, now that my father passed, was still happening. I couldn't get my money back, luckily my girlfriend at the time called and was able to get things changed over to her. She came on the trip with me and the other people. We got to the location in far out Wyoming and setup a day before my birthday. I planned to get my first Antelope that day, but my wife, then girlfriend forgot my papers. So instead I was forced to help others and not do anything. The following day on my birthday I got a huge male Antelope that was beautiful.

I am not a very religious person, but to this day the people say it was my father that made everything happen, even my girlfriend forgetting the papers the day before my birthday, and then the huge male that I was able to get. I don't know what to say, but I will stand by it. My wife then made and mounted the Antlers so we could keep them to remember this forever. I think it was my father looking down and returning some memories to me that he wanted to provide in the end.

Thanks Dez for making me think of this, not very many have heard the story and it was not something I had ever said much. Return was a GREAT WORD.

Level 21

Always take time to Return to the things you love, Return to your passions as they are what keep the fire burning inside of you.

Level 9

My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.

Maya Angelou

Return is a complicated word for me. Upon returning to the physical location of my childhood - the house was torn down and much larger one was put in its place. Most of the other houses were unchanged so it was disturbing. Returning for High School Band reunions has been fun, but the return of the feelings of isolation and like I didn't belong were not. I watched as other returned to some behaviors of the past which only enforced those feelings from High School. I returned to a pub at the lake and saw many of the folks from high school still there hanging out with each other. So in these instances returning to a physical place was upsetting because of what changed and because of what had not.

In contrast, I have returned to Paris, Venice, and Florence twice each and Rome three times. Each time was unique and created so many memories. When my wife and I watch foreign films we are transported back to those places we have been - inside the Basilica in Firenze while watching the Medici series. Also traveling to visit my father, as my mom dies 20 years ago, is not like returning home. That kind of return just is not possible. I do try to reciprocate the love, respect, and admiration I have for my father by calling him regularly, remembering special occasions, and sharing my life with him. I can not return all that he has given me, the best I can hope for is to pass it forward onto the next generation.

Lastly, I do love to give gifts anonymously expecting nothing in return except the feeling of satisfaction I get.



I know I could dig around and figure this out, but one of our words for the month was ASK, so I'm asking you - how do you generate these "word shrubs?"

There are a number of orthogonal matrix generators to be found via Google; I used one to display relationships to "solar" here:

"solar" on Visuwords™

"word2vec" is a tool to generate vectors between words:

Level 8

What a wonderful story.  I hope the return of this pool table to you will continue to bring many happy memories of past and make many more in your future.

Level 17

It warmed my heart to see pictures of the pool table returning to you. What a wonderful gift, not just for you and your family but for those of us watching, too. Thank you.

Level 9

From dust we came and to dust we shall return

Level 9

A friend of mine introduced me to a business early this year and at first i was skeptical in investing in the business as i wasn't sure there was a market for it. I took the risk and invested in the business and lo and behold my return on investment as at today is over 20%. The business was worth investing in right?

Level 11

Really enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing!

This word makes me think of going somewhere and coming back. Moving away from the area I grew up in was hard for me! Though, I do enjoy returning to my hometown now and it feels like I never left!

Level 10

I will return my heart to what I know is worthy. Return to the one who made you.

Level 10

Remember that thou art dust and to dust thou shalt return...

Level 12

Return to the good old days, when things were surplus and people were very creative.

Return to the time of 'No recession like now'.

Let's get our return on investment from Solarwinds.

I hope she will return with my moneeeeeyyyyyyyyy.

Level 11

Slang for an Irishman.  Old school term

Level 20

Wow that's an amazing story about the return of the pool table!  I bet it's pretty heavy too... they don't make things they way they used to anymore.

Level 10

The word Return, makes me think of memories.

Thank you for sharing such a story with us (sorry to hear of your loss ) and I am happy to hear that you were able to find the pool table! That is awesome!

Now you can create more memories along with returning to visit the old ones.

Very happy for you to have that.

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