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DAY 24: Hope

Product Manager
Product Manager


             Hope, how can you summarize the emotions that are packed into this one little word?  I'm going to try and see if I can do this word justice, as it constantly comes back to myself as a spiritual feeling no matter how many times I've written and rewritten this blog.  However, that's just where I keep coming to in conclusion.  I'll keep this blog as best as I can away from spiritual enlightenment as possible.

          Lets look back through history and we can see where hope was all people needed to cross great oceans and terrain to find their place in this world.  It has led soldiers to battles they didn't even understand the full reasons for being in and allowing them to come home after the fight.  This word has helped fuel families praying for healing, food, shelter, clothing, and many essentials to get them through their days.  Some say without hope what do you have in this world that is crumbling at times around us.

          The origin of the word hope as a noun as confidence in the future and the verb represents hope for salvation and mercy.  So I realized why I relate this to spirituality, I obviously was raised by a "doing" type of family!    Then I noticed that I had confidence in my future because I had hope of salvation and mercy on my sins within this world.  Putting this knowledge altogether, no matter who you are or what religion you believe in, hope allows us to connect with everyone.  We all want to believe things are to be better in bad situations, and we do this on faith that pushes us to believe that hope will come through.


          Many of us, especially around the holidays, cling to the hope that a miracle can happen.  That during the holidays there is something in the air that helps us push through.  We hunker down and hope that we don't go too far into debt and make it out alive after the in-laws leave the house.  Hoping that the spirits we have these holidays are drank with moderation. 



              Well I hope that I have left you with something to think about at this point.  I tried to keep it low key as I was told previously my word got a little deep on the heaviness for a Saturday morning.  Have a great weekend to everyone and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all!





Level 18

“Star Wars: A New Hope” (which at the time was simply called “Star Wars”) came out when I was 10 years, 1 month, and 21 days old. Like many 10-year-old boys at that time, the movie consumed my attention like nothing else had (but like so many new Geek obsessions have since).

My room was plastered with posters, magazine clippings, and factoids. My daydreams were littered with fantasies of inventing a REAL light saber, or constructing R2D2, or joining the Rebel Alliance. My free time was filled with the practice of any aspiring Jedi – dueling with sticks and jumping vast chasms and consuming vast quantities of science fiction.

It was not without cost, both medically and socially.

My parents took exception to the damage on the bedroom walls. My classmates and teachers were quick to comment (and worse) about my spacier-than-normal demeanor. My arms and legs (and in one case the side of my head) bore the silent black-and-blue testimony that young boys are poor swordsmen and broomsticks are bad choices for practice weapons.

But it was worth it. I discovered not just a genre, not just a pastime. I discovered my place in the world.

And while it would take years before I could fully reconcile the passion I felt with the ostracism it often engendered (where was Wil Wheaton back then?), when everything finally clicked it was with a sense of “right”-ness that left me no doubt.

While it’s true that in subsequent years the Star Wars franchise has often fallen short of my personal expectations, it doesn’t diminish the raw joy and excitement and, yes, hope the original gave me. It’s an association that hasn’t faded with time.

A while back, I sat my boys (then 14 and 11) down and put the first disk in the player. Watched as the initial blast of John Williams’ score blew their hair back from their face, and enjoyed seeing a familiar feeling spread across their face like a double sunrise racing across the surface of Tattooine.


Next weekend, my older son (now 16) will come home from yeshiva (a sleep away school for orthodox jewi... you know what? Never mind. It's a Jedi training facility.).  He and I, along with my younger padawan (now 13) will gleefully go to see RogueOne.

I predict that soon after, swords will be crossed, bruises acquired, books ready far too late into the night, and spousal disapproval dispensed.

But hope will also burn again in our hearts.

I think of "hope" as that which helps us get through each tough time, and I separate "hope" from "expectation" through thinking of "expectation" as that condition in which we anticipate or believe that coming moments will be similar.

So if things are going well now, I expect they'll continue to be well 30 seconds from now.

As opposed to if things are NOT going well now, I HOPE they'll get better, either in the short term or long.

The ancient Greeks, in creating their stories or explanations for the beginning of people via what we think of as "The Greek Gods", used "Elpis" as a word that might be interpreted as either "hope" or "expectation."

"Elpis" was the last thing remaining in Pandora's Box after she'd opened it in curiosity and allowed all manner of evil to escape to exist in the world (death, strife, sickness, toil, etc.).

The Greeks writing these stories seemed to have an axe to grind against women (The Meaning of Pandora's Box - Zeus's Curse on Mankind​), when in fact they completely missed that the actual source of their troubles were the Gods, not women.

I like that Pandora found Hope within the container of things released to vex humanity.  I like that someone thought to explain "that certain something" within us that allows us to continue in the face of bad news or our own mortality:  Hope.

Pandora's name simultaneously means "she who gives all gifts" and "she who was given all gifts."

In her story, it's wise to realize that Zeus created the bad things in the box, that he gave them to Prometheus as a booby-trap, and that Zeus sent Pandora as a gift to Prometheus' brother Epithemeus--as punishment for Prometheus having given the gift of fire to humanity.  Prometheus new Zeus couldn't be trusted, and told his brother to never accept gifts from Zeus.

Pandora wasn't culpable, simply curious.  I stand by her.  And I have hope that we all keep positive and work towards achieve that for which we hope, whether it be large and noble (freedom from oppression and disease) or tiny ("please let that remote router start responding to pings again!").

NPM carries messages of hope to me each time it displays up/down status on any network device.

NCM justifies my hope that all remains in compliance and safe, that I will be able to easily restore systems, and that I'll learn what's changed on my network.

Level 11

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all Thwack.  This is a season of Love and Hope for all.  I truly hope everyone enjoys the time with family and friends and that you are able to relax and refresh.

adatole​ I hope you enjoy the movie with your kids.  I went with mine yesterday and they really liked it.  I love the hope tie (fighter) in to - A New Hope.  I am really glad that so much attention is given to the continuity of the story, enjoy!

Level 11

But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you - Psalm 39:7.



Often I have expressed my frustration with decisions made beyond my control.  It is only hope that keeps going in a positive direction.


Paraphrasing the Humanist Albert Eustace Haydon,

Our task is to shape the natural world into a home and to weave the web of social relations so that every person might know all that life can give of joy and beauty. We suffer but never surrender. The torch falls from faltering hands but never goes out. Generation after generation it is handed down and carried forward against evil, chaos and the dark.

We are only at the dawn of history as an intelligent builder of culture. Hope for tomorrow will burn with a brighter flame when we, aware of the meaning in our adventure, turn from perfect worlds to take up the more practical task of planning a world in which all of us in all lands may have a chance for full joy in living.

"What do you give your kids if you can't give them hope?" Michelle Obama

Level 12

Hope that your life is full of joy and love


You have to have hope everyday. hope for a better future, hope for a better job, hope for your family and friends, hope for the world.

Level 10


To have hope is a wonder thing.   One hope can lead to much hope and can lead to happiness.  Having hope can give us light when we are in the dark, it can give us strength when we feel weak, it can give us calm when the waters are rough.   Hope is a power friend.  You will from time to time hear people say let's hope for the best, and why not, I am sure not looking forward to the worst.  Although i might plan for the worst i do hope for the best in all things and at all times.

Every year around Christmas people feel a stronger hope, hope for a better year ahead, hope for that cherished gift, hope a loved one makes it safely home.  My hope this year was simply that we can be health, maintain a strong faith and build lasting relationships that will endure the tests of time. 


Hope is one of those words that get tossed around pretty flippantly and without a lot of reflection. But real hope is a very deep word that goes well beyond ourselves. Hope gives us the courage to move forward when circumstances say retreat. Hope gives us the knowledge that good is coming when we see evil surrounding us. Hope gives us the knowledge that we are important when others say it's not so. Hope is not something within us, it is not something we can work up it's a relationship with the one that provides hope, the one that is bigger than we, the one that knows all and sees the end from all else.

Christmas Eve is the epitome of Hope. 

For the Christian, it is the celebration of the Hope of the coming savor.

For kids around the world, it is the hope of being a good boy or girl and being left a present for Santa.

For a lot of people in need, it is the hope that the spirit of the season will lead to generous givers who will offer the gift of a meal or shelter or a hand up.

My favorite Christmas song is "Old City Bar" by Trans Siberian Orchestra.  and these are  some of my favorite lines.

If you want to arrange it

This world, you can change it

If we could somehow

Make this Christmas thing last

By helping a neighbor

Or even a stranger

To know who needs help,

You need only just ask

Share Hope not only this season, but all year long.

Level 12

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1

Level 21

I always say Hope for the best but plan for the worst!

"Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies." - Andy Dufresne

Hope is a very important to me and my family. It is not insignificant that my daughter's middle name is Hope. They say the last thing to go is hope. So much has been accomplished with hope, and so much has been lost when hope has left.

Hope can be grand and it can be trivial. "Hope" is one of those words that drives us all forward.

Level 12


Level 11

Image result for hope

Level 14

Hope springs eternal

With every new day,

Awaken with a fresh view

And keep negativity at bay.

Level 11

Never hesitate to hope as its only you can get to it..

Level 11

I try not to put my hope in things that won't last (basically every earthly thing) because sooner or later you will just be changing where your hope lies.  Having an eternal hope (something beyond this world - heaven) is something that cannot be taken or away or affected by the things of this earth.

Level 18

An image which is all the more poignant after today's news.

Level 9

My hope is that 2017 won't suck the way 2016 did. I went to Rouge One with my family on the 26th (Rebellions are built on hope) and then the sad news about Carrie Fisher yesterday. I was a few years younger than Leon when Star Wars came out and it had a profound impact on me as well.


I hope everyone had a good Holiday with their families and will have happy new year.  Here's to a better 2017!  I found all my original Star Wars figures from the late 70's the other day!

Level 15

Some people have mentioned this and I agree, I try not to put my hope into anything I cannot control (with certain exceptions).

I hope that my kids will look back on their childhoods with fondness and a feeling that they were adequately prepared.

I hope that my wife will cherish our memories the way I do.

I hope that the Cowboys will not disappoint me again this year.

See how that works? 1 and 2, totally on me. 3, well, we'll see I guess...

Level 13

rebellions are built on hope

Level 12

Hope represents our best possible outlook on what the future holds. You always hope for the best possible outcome. Some people rely entirely on hope, others hope but also plan for the future. I think at some point in everyones life, they throw their hands up in the air and say "that's it im done im just going to hope for the best and see what happens."

Level 10

People will always say hope for the best. Usually when a situation is out control. He or she has cancer, all we can do is surgery and chemo and hope for the best.

I think that is the worst use of the word. I despise that feeling of hoping for the best because it means hope can easily be lost.

Lets turn that phrase on its head. I want it to go more like this: "Well, Bob, the Green Bay Packers are up by five touchdowns in the 2017 Super bowl. Let's hope for the best." Go Pack!

Never give up on hope. Exactly as sparda963​ says, on this one.

Level 9

Hope for the world to not burn itself for another year.

Level 17

Agreed, for such a small word, "hope" has multiple (and deep) meanings for many.

Level 9

I hope to be better than my previous self

Level 9

Hope Hope Hope!!! I am hoping and believing in the Lord that 2017 will be a very successful year for me. Amen!

Level 10

I hope to have more time for thwack next year.

Have hope in God always.

Level 10

H - Hold

O - On

P - Pain

E - Ends

Level 12

I hope we all get our dreams fulfilled. Let's hope to continue with thwack in the year 2017.

I pray and hope to be a better person.

Level 10


It gives strength.

---------------------------Regarding the word Hope, there is a mantra repeated in the new Star Wards movie...which I wont repeat here in case you haven't seen the movie yet. If you have seen the movie, then you know which words I mean. I got goosebumps every time. -------------------------on a side note ---> I love Donnie Yen. His acting skills are amaaazing, and his fighting skills ridiculously good.  If you want to know what I mean by that, go watch the Star Wars movie, and then go watch IP Man 1, IP Man 2, and IP Man 3. He is amazing in all of them! Did not disappoint in the Star Wars Rogue One movie. I might go to watch it a third time this week.

Found this post that nicely explains the mantra I was talking about, and how it ties into the word, Hope.  BE WARNED, it has Star Wars SPOILERS, so only read at your own risk if you haven't seen the movie yet:

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