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Took the SAM test - do we get a report of what we missed?

So do we get to see the results in an email from our test since we could not screen shot the results?



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Level 8

Just finished the test this past week, unfortunately it does not seem that that is something we are allowed to see. I was really hoping that we could screenshot that page as well, even though I passed I still wanted to brush up on the areas I fell a little short on.

The only thing I received after the test was an email containing a link to my cert and a short how to on linking that to my linked in.

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Yeah I've taken the test twice now.  Just passed on the second attempt, and I do recall seeing both times in the display of the score report of the PSI version of exam, two specific things implied...

1) Don't copy/paste or try to save the score report being displayed to you at that time.

2) An email copy of the score report will be sent to your address.

I've complied with #1 both times to behave, but never seen #2 happen.. (i.e. no report arrives..)

Just sharing my experience.    

Good luck to all who are still making efforts to join the SCP rank.

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