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SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) Flash Cards

If you're experiencing déjà vu it's because I posted about these flash cards recently. What I hadn't done the last time was make sure that everyone was on board with the idea and ensured that I would maintain strict control over the flash card contents so that no test questions made their way into the mix.

So, again, here's the link to the flash cards hosted at You can create an account for free, add the class to your account, and use them to study for the exams.

As of this writing, Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and Access Rights Manager (ARM) are the only two that have been created. I'll be adding the others as I study for each test starting with Network Performance Monitor (NPM) next.

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I'm well, thanks for asking! My wife had a birthday yesterday, so I'm just returning today and trying to catch up. My email is and if you forward the CSV to me, I can import them immediately so they're available for you to use.

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Can you please upload the flash card for Architecture & Design 


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I shared you in email.

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sure @mrxinu . I will try to help you on that.



Hi! How's work going? Need these cards too 🙂

Also can help you with creating

These are great! Thinking about taking NPM soon, so I'll definitely be using the cards. 


@sturdyerde Thank you for sharing the URL

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Level 13

Looking forward to the NPM one as we don't use the other products here 🙂

All the best.

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That's definitely where I'm starting. I've already got that cert, so it should be fairly quick.

Level 7

what about for NTA exam? 😞

There's a deck for NTA. What am I missing?

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Hello, any flash cards available for NTA cert? Thank you.

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Just as a note, as the person who originally made the flash cards for the ARM exam, those alone aren't (yet!) enough to pass the exam, as I learned those cards backwards and forwards and still only managed a 60%. I'll be helping get those up to scratch as I study for my retake.Thanks @mrxinu for putting these together!