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SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) Flash Cards

If you're experiencing déjà vu it's because I posted about these flash cards recently. What I hadn't done the last time was make sure that everyone was on board with the idea and ensured that I would maintain strict control over the flash card contents so that no test questions made their way into the mix.

So, again, here's the link to the flash cards hosted at You can create an account for free, add the class to your account, and use them to study for the exams.

As of this writing, Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and Access Rights Manager (ARM) are the only two that have been created. I'll be adding the others as I study for each test starting with Network Performance Monitor (NPM) next.

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Any flash cards for Architecture and Design?


I shared some Questions & Answer sheet with @mrxinu . Not sure if he uploaded in flash card.

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@mrxinuThank you for creating the Flash Cards towards our getting or SCP's.

@mrxinuso I could have waited and only posted once .. all is good now .. you need to rate how well you did before it will display the next card.    SAM cards are working just fine!

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Ah! Yeah, that was an interesting flow to get used to. I found it really helps when I don't know something (1) and then I sort of get the right answer but had to think about it (2-3) and then I get the right answer (4) and then I got the right answer without going to storage in my brain (5).

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 @mrxinu In the SAM module I could bring up one card and could not forward to the next ... then I got it working .. then it got stuck on the first card again ... thanks for asking .. I had not been back to try again ,.. I assumed it was a PICNIC!   I will try to get back there later and let you know .. .I was just catching up on info!  Thanks again for all your contributions!

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When I am accessing this for SAM module :

I am receving below error:



 Request you to help me to resolve this issue.


Best Regards,

Savita Tiwari

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Hi Savita,

That's really strange. I checked the class and it's set to public (it's only offering me the option to make it private now) so you should be able to access it. @zennifer are you having the same problem?



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That is amazing!  Thanks for sharing .. you have inspired me @mrxinu - my boss is now pushing for certifications .. I hate certs, but this sounds like more fun than work!  I am abandoning the Palo Alto Certification and am going to focus on my true love, Orion!  I am a true generalist and we are coming back into style!!! If I can find anything to contribute, I will be sure to share!

I just love this community! 

Ahhh a fellow "jack of all trades, master of none".

I too "dislike" certifications as I was never a taker of exams,with my only claim to fame being that I failed twice as many as I passed! Urk!!

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Ah, excellent! Yeah, I'm the same way. If you can put them on flash cards I can memorize the information. I don't know why that format works so much better than slogging through the raw data for me.

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Its a great portal to prepare for exams. I would love to see the questions for Solarwinds Architect (SCP) exam.

Architecture and Design? Or am I missing a deck?

Correct. Architecture and Design Exam.

Ah, then it's there. Just needs cards now.

when it will be available?

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As soon as it has questions. I'm doing this in my spare time so if you want to contribute a list of questions in CSV format (two columns, question & answer) I'd be happy to look them over and import them!

Hello @mrxinu ,

Hope you are doing well.

I have prepared some questions for solarwinds Architect SCP exam. Let me know how can i share with you to import them in portal. please share email if you have any?

I have .csv file.



Hi Alankar

Could you please share the dumps for Architecture & design to mail -

Thanks in advance mate

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Kindly check inbox pls.

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