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SolarWinds Certified Professional Exams are Live

**Please see SolarWinds Certified Professional program changes for 2019 for program updates.**

The SolarWinds Academy is excited to announce the official launch of the new and completely updated SolarWinds Certified Professional® program.

Based on the feedback from SCPs around the world, we focused on two key aspects of the program that needed attention: creating lasting value for SCPs and helping SCPs succeed.

We want to create lasting value.

We created the SCP program in 2009 because we knew our customers wanted to demonstrate that they have the skills needed to manage networks effectively using SolarWinds products. Unfortunately, as time passed, the program did not grow with our products. The SolarWinds certification became outdated, and did not hold enough value to be a competitive player on the global IT stage.

To create lasting value, we made two key changes:

  • Relevance: To help ensure IT professionals have knowledge of the most current SolarWinds products, the SCP exams will now be updated with each new product release
  • Security: The SCP exams are now provided through online, proctored services so that the world knows that the holder of a SolarWinds certificate is the person who earned it

We want IT professionals to feel pride and a sense of achievement at becoming an SCP.

We want our customers to succeed.

Our customers’ success drives everything we do. Because the world of IT is always growing and changing, continuing education is an integral part of being a successful IT pro. To encourage continued growth, we added several benefits that members can use to increase their knowledge. 

New benefits include:

  • SCP webcasts
  • SCP online advanced training
  • SCP invitations to live events
  • SCP study hours with SolarWinds experts
  • Access to select GNS3® courses
  • For SCPs working for SolarWinds customers under active maintenance, you will be recognized as an SCP member within the support system and provided with an enhanced support experience






Single exam option

  • Product exam
  • One exam retake
  • One year of benefits

$200 USD

3 years






First Year

  • Product exam
  • One exam retake
  • One year of benefits

$200 USD

Your certification is active as long as you are a subscription** member and attend required events/training

Subsequent Year(s)

Same benefits as year one, plus:

  • New product exam
  • One exam retake
  • Loyalty recognition
  • Maintain active certification on passed exams*

$200 USD

*Only includes exams that are part of the new SCP program.

**Your subscription does not auto-renew

SCP webcasts: You’ll have access to exclusive live SCP webcasts where you can interact with product managers, Head Geeks, and other IT professionals to discuss the future of SolarWinds products. For our members who can’t participate in a live webcast, we’ll record all events and post videos only available to SCPs, along with the comments that you can view as often as you need.

SCP online advanced training: We’re offering advanced-level training for members who want to gain a deeper understanding of SolarWinds products. Our experienced SolarWinds Academy trainers are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive courses for SCP members. Join exclusive live WebEx® classes and interact with SolarWinds Academy trainers and other SCP members.

Invitations to live events: Our live events are not only an excellent way to learn more about SolarWinds products, but also provide opportunities to network with other SolarWinds Certified Professionals and SolarWinds team members. Collaborate, network, and get awesome swag all in one place.

You spoke. We listened.

UPDATE: as of 7/12/2018 SCP exams are available for purchase for 60k THWACK points.

Additionally, our THWACK MVPs, will receive one free SCP exam a year. Click here to learn more on how to achieve this status.

We hope that the new SolarWinds Certified Professional program brings you value and enhances your knowledge of SolarWinds products. If you have any questions, please review our FAQs, ask us on THWACK, or send an email to

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