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Level 13

SCP support recognition?

So, I passed the SCP exam and received my certification details from PSI. 

How do I get to "be recognized as an SCP member within the support system and provided with an enhanced support experience"?

Also, is there a new THWACK SCP badge or is the original still used?

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Level 12

Congratulations josh,

Would you be able to confirm that the test material is solely based on this? 

SolarWinds Certified Professional NPM Exam Preparation Guide - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and S...

I just want to know I am studying the right material and when I take the exam there will be no surprises.  I am studying for the NPM and not the SAM.  What study materials did you use?

Thank you. 

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I'll be completely honest, I didn't review any study materials ahead of time.  I don't mean that in a braggy way, just wanted to test my knowledge and my employer was fronting the bill.

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Which proctored method did you use to take the exam?  I believe there are 3:

1) Physically at a proctored site

2) Live Remotely proctored

3) Recorded proctored

I will soon schedule my exam but I want to know that any of these proctored methods are acceptable; I'm leaning towards the Recorded proctored where I need to download and install a program only because this allows me more time options to take my exam during my busy schedule.

Does anyone know that all 3 are acceptable for obtaining a SCP certificate?

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Level 10


Congratulations on earning your SCP!

After we receive information that a person has earned a certification we update the new status in our system.

The former THWACK SCP badge is not the same as the new SCP program badge, and therefore would not represent your most recent accomplishment. An updated THWACK SCP badge is currently being considered.