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How long are the classes

How in-depth does the teaching go?

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Hi All,

Our live sessions on virtual classrooms range from 2-4 hours long. These are educational classes which aim to help our customers to understand the product portfolio with an emphasis on product functionality and usability. These classes are not explicitly designed for getting users ready for the SCP exam.

In terms of official study resources for the exams, we recommend reviewing the preparation guides.



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Level 9

Unless someone can point me to something different, I didn't find the classes to be very in depth. It looks like you learn best from experience and the study guide. The classes are listed as four hours but usually they are not nearly that long (at least, in my experience). I think you can also look at the SolarWinds Lab videos. Those are good. I don't think you can watch any of the old Classes, they must all be viewed live. From what I can see, no one else offers any type of study guides/classes for these new exams. Your best bet are the classes (which don't cover everything), reading the guide, and experience. I don't think there is, besides the guide, a complete "path" to certification just yet.


Hopefully someone else can chime in and give more info.

To update: I did find that Loop1 offers many classes locally in Texas and online. I have since taken two of their classes and was very happy with what I learned. If you or your company would pay for it, I would highly recommend it. In the UK (I think), they have Prosperon Networks, but they never responded to my inquiry so I don't know if they still offer classes. 

Yeah nobody that I'm aware of has assembled a "boot camp" type cram session around just the SCP stuff, but if you are familiar with the tools and have read the admin guides there isn't really a lot of crazy stuff in the exams.  The general Orion training courses at Loop1 have recently been reworked and cover the majority of what's in the exams, but we aren't "teaching to the test" as we are focused on practical usage of the tools rather than trying to crank out paper tigers.

-Marc Netterfield

    Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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