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Level 10

Duplicate SCP copy

I passed my SCP exam back in 2017 and it is valid for 5 years.

Recently I lost my data and now I am unable find my certification PDF.

Is there any way to request for duplicate copy of the certificate?

I remember having a picture updated on old Thwack image section.

But since we have migrated to new thwack interface that copy is also gone now.

Can anyone help me with this please.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 10

Hi @chinmaychavan

SolarWinds launched a new SCP program in 2018 and your certificate is from the 2009–2017 SCP program.

SolarWinds honors certificates from the former SCP program until the assigned expiration date, but the program is end-of-service and we do not service accounts from that program.

Visit to learn more about the current SCP program.

Thank you,

Certification Team

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Community Manager
Community Manager


Wanted to let you know that I saw this and am forwarding it to our amazing SCP team.

We'll get you figured out 🙂