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[Finals] Yondu vs. Black Widow

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Well, with both my picks out in the semifinals, it came down to a best-of-three coin-toss for my vote. Both of the finalists gave their lives willingly, so neither is a tragic loss, and fate decided Black Widow gets my vote!
- Jez Marsh
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Level 13

One thing I've found interesting about this bracket, is the number of votes.

Looks like voting is about 200 per round. I seem to recall in previous year, much higher participation. I'm not coming to any conclusions as to why that is. I just find it interesting.

Oh, and voting Yondu, 'cause I like an underdog.

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Level 10

I was kind of suprised that Yondu made it to the final two, as well, but as Yondu had his 'moment' as Mary Poppins...remember the Black Widow wise crack to Alexander Pierce (Winter Soldier), while he was monologuing once he thought he had won. As she takes off her mask pointing her gun, "I'm sorry...did I step on your moment?"  It would be a fitting quote to Yondu as BW wins the Final.

Level 12

WOW Yondu and BW never would of thought they would of been in the final two.  

I voted for Yondu because BW has more movies coming out.  So where is "I'm Mary Poppins Y'all" love?  I dare you not to say it the way that Yondu says that phrase.  🙂  What catch phrase does BW have?  I am not just a pretty face I can do stuff.........  I am a people person....

@melonizame If your boy Yondu doesn't win, just remember to keep telling yourself, "sun's gettin' real low, big guy." 😂

My favorite line from the first Avengers movie:

Iron Man:  I'm bringing the party to you.

BW:  I fail to see how that's a party.