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Virtual Lab

Has anybody built a SolarWinds/Cisco lab? I attending the "Virtually Unlimited Networks with GNS3" Lab event but thinking of building my lab with VM Workstation 12, VIRL Personal Edition 20 on a Dell 7000 laptop. My main goal is to build a simple network, user views, script compliance (STIG, HIPA, PCI).

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Re: Virtual Lab

I'm sure VIRL is a great product, but I'm not sure of the integration of VM Workstation and I've never spent much time with it because I've been using GNS3 for years.

GNS3 and Virtualbox works great and there is so much documentation and help available.

I built a lab last night using GNS3, Virtualbox and the eval version of NCM and eval of Windows 10 Enterprise (I thought I was downloading 2008r2, but this works). So far everything is discovered and runs great.

Using different parameters and programs you may not know it's going to work until you get it to work or not.

Have plenty of RAM in the laptop and experiment away!