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The new F5 monitoring is great, but...

It's really nice to have so much more visibility into our load balancers out of the box. It's something we've been wanting for a while. One side-affect we are seeing though, is that we now get a lot of alerts related to VIPs or pool members as we are currently bringing up lots of new apps. We disable the VIP in F5 by default, but we still get the alerts for pool members. Our NOC complains about all the alerts because they are expected to action every alert. I know this could be remedied with procedures, but was wondering if there is a technical way to deal with it.

For example, as new Virtual servers, pool members are discovered, Solarwinds would not consider them production until they are flagged as prod. I looked into custom properties, but you can't currently build custom properties for these objects as far as I can tell.

Has anyone else had this as a pain point and dealt with it?

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Re: The new F5 monitoring is great, but...


OK, maybe nobody has found a workaround for this issue. Now I an just curious if anyone has this "problem" at all, or if you generally just accept that as new objects are being created, but not fully production, you will get all the related alerts? Or do you simply not get alerts for F5 objects as they are being created, but not fully operational? For example, a new virtual server gets created, but the server team has not built out the servers so the VS goes into offline state?



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Re: The new F5 monitoring is great, but...

We run into similar issues, custom property support would help solve the problem.

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