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We want to hear your opinion -- SolarWinds Labs

Level 14

Hi everyone,

When I'm not playing your friendly neighborhood IT psychologist, I make sure that your voice gets heard inside the walls here.

So, I need to hear from you to make sure you are getting something out of our programs and, heart be still, possibly enjoying them also. This brings me to my point: we want to hear how you're liking/disliking SolarWinds Labs. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback: SolarWinds Lab - Tell Us What You Think Survey.

And, if you have other ideas on how we could reach out to you with educational content or with anything else to help, let me know. You can send me a direct message or @ me or in a post.

Oh, we're giving away t-shirts, but we all know the restrictions there ()... so, I rather thought to leave that to the last. What we really need is your engagement so that we know if we've hit on a good thing. Should we continue... are you interested?

Thanks everyone.

See you on the boards,


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Existential transcendentalist and frustrated academic with years of technical writing experience mixed with creative writing yielding documentation with great line breaks...