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The hot debate: Is Spock a super hero?

Level 8

The debate is getting feverish... make sure you vote or comment with your opinion!

About the Author
I am the Community Manager Chick at Solarwinds (aka The Mayor of Thwackopolis). Um... let's see. I uh went to Texas A&M and got a degree I don't use, got a job by accident and stayed for 9 years. I am on parole now and joined the SolarWinds team. I dress entirely in metallic clothes that I knit for fun with my toes under my desk. Um... I am obsessed with rocks and geology and use it as a research mechanism for my upcoming novel tentatively titled "geology and the art of burying things you don't want to have found". I like to fix things including furniture, people, busted sites and of course projectors that are out of focus (Kenny). I squeal like a girl if at bugs and curl my lip at sticky things, comb-overs and the color pink. I collect odd things... like medical antiques, very odd friends, bits of electrical tape, watches, beads, power tools and stray animals. My hair is different almost every day. My biggest fear is being normal.