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Post Holidays SWAG Store Product Updates -- Gift Yourself

Level 14

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to get the word out, in case you missed it, about our store updates. We've added a number of items, from rubik's cubes to ear buds to light-up yo-yos to mobile device wedges.


Having seen the gap between the 150 point mark, we felt the need to fill it... you know, like that stocking hanging flat and lonely from the mantle just a few short weeks ago.

Anyway, I thought I'd point you over to the store (Store | thwack) again and also let you know that the mobile wedges are super cool. If you are one of those folks that need to put your phone on your desk because it is the house of all meeting and appointment and birthday reminders... nevermind the "go pick up the boy from school" reminders (wait, that might just be me)... the wedge absolutely rocks it. It sticks to the desk and holds your phone at a nice 45(ish) degree angle.

So, check out the new swag -- the wall walker is kid tested and meeting interrupter approved! My last core team (where we talk all things thwack) saw one hit the glass and walk autonomously down...


Not to leave any staff favs out, check out the mousepad, etch-a-sketch, scramble puzzle, and a nifty screen cleaner, too. Somebody here loves her mousepad...

mousepad[1].jpgand etchersketch[1].jpgand scramblepuzzle[1].jpgandscreencleaner[1].jpg

And if you're anything like me and require all my gadgets to do 10 things and then complain about the battery, next time you use the GPS, plug in one these USB power/charger deals for the car and drive without worrying about killing your juice.


See you on the boards,


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