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July is the Winningest Month

Level 14

So, I’m a bit of a Charlie fan… at least when he is completely bats and off his rocker and on talk shows, but sadly winningest is a word, even if MS Word doesn’t like it.

Again… what the H-E-double hockey sticks is Torok talking about? Well, in celebration of our winning our independence, celebrated by the overuse of a Chinese invention making seriously cool colored shapes in the sky and big bangs, we are about to embark on a July of winning. Indeed, 4 different ways to win are lurking on thwack.

  1. We are holding over our SolarWinds Saved My Bacon contest and keeping it running through July.
  2. We are launching another cool quiz, this one focused on Dameware.
  3. We are, of course, continuing our iPod drawing from Ambassador thread responses.
  4. And, it is the month of SysAdmin Day. Come on over and submit a meme… leave it to the community and see whose meme reigns supreme.

Yeah, it’s going to be a serious month of winning… though I rarely trust my memory… this could easily be the winningest month evah.

Still eating my cereal with a fork…


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Level 11

You should add a new item to the Thwack store worth 10,000 points: Vial of Tiger's Blood. 

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