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Product Manager
Product Manager

AppOptics comes to THWACK

SolarWinds® AppOptics is a SaaS-based, integrated, infrastructure and application performance monitoring tool.  AppOptics provides comprehensive visibility into your cloud environment for faster application-centric troubleshooting.

For IT professionals who also have the responsibility for modern infrastructure, applications, and services, AppOptics provides easy-to-use performance monitoring and troubleshooting from servers, containers, and serverless environments to applications and services, down to the transaction level. AppOptics includes powerful host and container maps, distributed traces, alerting, and out-of-the-box and custom dashboarding.

Many of you have a mix of technologies and technology implementations, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid. We are excited to be adding an AppOptics forum to the THWACK® community.

Please share your feedback, questions, and ideas here. We want to hear from you!

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